Common Censored #76 – Media Impeachment Meltdown, Newsworthy Hate, the Need for Discomfort & Paying to Pollute

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  1. I know this is an odd request but could you please define communism for those of us that are confused? You use the word a lot but I have no idea how you define it. Can an authoritarian regime/government or a dictatorship be communist? Isn’t communism a form of government where everyone is considered equal? No ones life and time and energy is worth more than anyones else?

  2. Imagine anyone from a 5 year old in 1st grade or a 44 year old at a sports event that refused to stand up and recite the pledge of allegiance? How many times is it necessary to pledge allegiance anyway? Every day as in the aforementioned 1st grader? Every sports event? Hand on heart? I pledge!! Or does it change? instead of Pledging The Allegiance it changes to standing with hand over heart while the National Anthem is played? I am not in school anymore and I do not go to sports events but every year at work during Veterans Day & Memorial Day I am required to listen to a ‘standup talk’ that exalts our troops. Thank you for your service.

    Lee & Elenor
    I thank you for your service.


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