Common Censored #112 – Protests Rage, Dems Virtue Signal, Win for Embassy Protectors

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  1. Spike Lee Cautions Against “Defund The Police” Message, Warning Trump Tries to “Twist the Narrative” “We Need police! We Need Police, but We Need a Police System That Is Just:” Spike Lee Wisely Admonishes Protesters That Slogan of “Defund the Police” Is “Tricky”; They Should Be “Careful with the Words” Because “Agent Orange” Is “Already Running with That”; “One or Two Wrong Words, They’ll Twist That Thing Around and the Narratives Change…I Think There Could Be Better Terminology”.

    Now Time to Call for Ample Community Services Paid for by Wall Street Banks and Federal Reserve a much better demand.

    Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Reports That 911 Emergency Services Take Three Times as Long to Reach Autonomous Zone aka CHAZ; She Also Condemns Mayor’s Decision to Abandon Precinct HQ; Time to End This PR Subsidy to GOP.

    Also, Fort Bragg, North Carolina Should Be Re-Named Fort Harriet Tubman in Honor of the Intrepid Intelligence Officer and Armed Reconnaissance Operative of the Union Army During the Civil War; Born into Slavery, She Worked as Guide for Her Fellow Escapees on the Underground Railroad and Joined with Frederick Douglass to Influence Lincoln; She Assisted Secretary of War Stanton in Liberating Jacksonville, Florida; In June 1863, Tubman Guided the Union’s Combahee River Raid That Freed 750 Slaves, Who Became the Nucleus of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Best Known Today Through the Movie “Glory”.

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