Common Censored #111 – Protests Nationwide, Report Back From the Frontlines

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  1. the would be Dictator tRump is foaming at the mouth to get things rolling.

    In Week Full of American Carnage, Trump Plays Backlash Card, Fomenting Long Hot Summer of Riots in Worst Tradition of Nixon in 1968 with Infamous Slogan “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts”.
    Reporters Detect Systematic Organization of Arson Against Buildings and Small Business in Minneapolis, with Anarchist Provocateurs Bussed in for the Occasion; Minnesota Gov. Walz Says Protesters Infiltrated by Violent White Supremacists, Drug Cartels, and Underworld; Puzzling: Protesters Focus on CNN Center in Atlanta, but they
    Spare Trump’s Hotel in Washington
    Demonstrators Should Raise Demands for WPA Jobs, Food Stamps, Extended Jobless Benefits, No Foreclosures or Evictions, Better Housing, and Health Care; Bungling Hennepin County Officials Must Arrest and Charge Remaining Three Cops to Help Restore Public Order

    Operation Garden Plot, Currently Updated as CONPLAN 2502 of US Northern Command, Is Plan for Military Intervention into Civilian Disorders, Starting with 5,000 Troops Available for Towns, 12,000 for Cities, and 18,000 for Washington DC; Case Study of 1931-1932 Operations Plan of Lt. Col. Ott Under German Chancellor von Papen, Which Aimed at Imposing Martial Law Under State of Emergency Allowed by Article 48 of Weimar Constitution

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