Common Censored #104 – Bernie – Say It Ain’t So! Plus The End of US Empire

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  1. It’s like I ask myself do I continue down the road to be a Bernie Delegate here in Missouri? If I become a Delegate at the State level, do I keep going to be a Delegate for Bernie at the National level?
    It’s said that being a Delegate we could help get the actual Progressive platform implemented more into the Democratic party.
    I’m trying to not see the reality of the Plutocracy yet I don’t want to sit back doing nothing.
    It’s heartwrenching for me, politically. Any blue will never do me.
    Continuing with on educationing myself even more that PEACE and JUSTICE #NoMoreNukes and #EndWarmongeringEconomy through Non-Violent Civil Disobedience may just be a more productive path.

  2. Maybe the American People will discover they ain’t livin life…..
    Life is living them!

  3. Facts:
    1. There has Not been a near perfect candidate since Jack Kennedy died of lead poisoning;
    2. Democratic Platform Will Include Partial Cancellation of Student Debt, among other things;
    3. Bernie Can still be a part of new, [much needed] new cabinet, along with Elizabeth Warren being the new Treasury Sec and Bernie HHS director, [examples];
    4. ***Biden Is Clear and Viable Alternative to Dictatorship***
    5. Even though he’s far from perfect, it is a MUST to get Don the Con, aka agent orange aka tRump Out. And, I might even vote the 1st time in this century. It is that important.
    ***Biden Is Clear and Viable Alternative to Dictatorship***

    Bernie Urges His Supporters to Join Him in Fighting to Oust Most Dangerous President in American History.

    Yes, Eleanor is correct. We must not slide into a Nihilist vacuum. We must get even more active; whatever out you can, as long as you can.

    Cynical Nihilists = the heart of trump Cult.

    Oligarchs push tRump=

    #Trump threatens to #adjourn both chambers of #congress – something no president has ever done – is Trump eyeing dictator #Orban of #Hungary, who is already ruling by decree? More than likely!

  4. Regarding the lack of retweets about Waffle House…2 points:

    1) In an American crisis, groupthink bias dictates we all rally behind our leader. We saw it with Bush in 9-11, we see it now with the current Cheeto in Chief.
    People are scared. They’re not going to think about even scarier shit right now, they don’t care about the plight of Waffle House workers. The group mind feels a powerful need to lie to themselves that everything is ok, that the president will protect us, and that life will go on as usual when this is done, and that America is the shiniest, brightest, awesomest country in the universe, and that Jesus loves us best. Waffle House fucking over their workers doesn’t fit with that. Cognitive dissonance.

    2) For the more educated liberal types…we also succumb to groupthink if we aren’t constantly vigilant. It’s built into us as social animals. But for those of us more aware and who have been following the undoing of the American progressive democratic system since the 1970’s…stories like your tweet regarding Waffle House just aren’t surprising enough to be interesting.
    It’s a sign of the times, it’s entirely expected. This kind of shit is literally happening to everyone all the time and all around us. We expect to be fucked over. This is a kind of learned helplessness, it’s seen in subjugated and enslaved populations of people everywhere.
    And once we’re fucked over enough, we stop feeling you deserve better. We stop fighting. We lay down and let ourselves get run over…forever. We don’t get up and fight again, what’s the point? We already fought and lost. It’s over.

    To hell with Waffle House anyhow, has nobody realized their food is consistently AWFUL!?
    Go to Denny’s for fucks sake.

  5. Just finished Lee Camp book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines”. Best two chapters are
    “Eighteen Ways Julian Assange Changed the World” and “How to Write Propaganda for the New York Times, as Seen in an Attack Piece on Me”. Every chapter is a wake up call for we the people. So glad to know there are people like this out in the world. I’m 83 years old widow of a New Jersey journalist who wrote political columns (he died 1994). He covered the NJ state house and went to all the National Political Conventions. Think he must be rolling over in his grave.

  6. Hey Lee and Eleanor, I have said thanks before, but WTF, I am going to say thanks again. You two plus the Redacted Tonight team (please pass on additional thanks to them) are killing several hours of isolation boredom for me here in the UK. Not 100% sure why I am an avid follower; sometimes it is for the ups – hooray, we are not as bad here in the UK as you are in the US, and sometimes it is just OMG – given how the UK follows where the US leads, this is going to be where we’re all going to end up too? Jumpin’ Jesus on a Pogo Stick! Either way – keep up the good work. It is great to hear some unfiltered takes on the US situation. Hopefully we’ll get to see you again on tour at the Backyard Club in London later this year or next. Take care all.

  7. I wish you would have endorsed Meg Ryan

    Btw I like other shhtuff – that’s the best one

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