Gov’t Secrets #27 – JFK Part 2, Wall Street Turned Upside Down, & Oil Subsidies

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  1. Who is Behind Much-Hyped Short Squeeze against Hedge Funds Seeking to Bankrupt Gamestop? ***
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  2. Thanks Lee & Graham Been following you Lee since OWS. Seems a century ago! With the knowledge of everything since, and just the shit WE KNOW FOR SURE THE CIA has done, this makes more sense than anything. Just b c its a conspiracy theory does NOT MEAN THERE WAS NO CONSPIRACY . What a world. Stay safe.

  3. A good podcast as usual. This may be a matter siimply of computer glitches but I sometimes have the impression that I’m being blocked in various comment sections. It isn’t surprising when I am blocked by TYT. I just watched Government Secrets and was blocked there and on the right there was a picture of Lee and Graham featruing piano pieces by Schumann. I’ll go back to G. Secrets now and see if it’s OK now. No, it’s not O.K. I’m still blocked there. Later I went back to Government Secrets again and now I am blocked there as well by youtube.. Let’s see if this goes

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed this podcast! I was a young housewife in Indiana when they murdered JFK, and I watched the whole thing play out on my little black & white TV, making me aware for the first time that the narrative fed to the U.S. population by the ruling elites had been nothing but lies all along. It’s astonishing that even after 60 years of supposed advances in information transmission, the official consensus on what took place in our nation’s history is a complete wall-to-wall fiction. Thanks for shining some much-needed and way overdue light into the Orwellian disinformation and darkness that all but suffocates the truth.

  5. My uncle was also gone under suspicious circumstances, Thomas Frederick Eckman. August 1, 1966, University of Texas tower shooting. My dad said that my uncle was one of the leaders of the University of Texas, Austin campus, SDS Chapter. My dad also said that there were so many shot and gone from the SDS Chapter. The guests in the hospital looked like an SDS convention. Side note: My dad said that the SDS newspaper was actually outselling the mainstream Austin daily Newspapers at the time.

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