CNN Attacks Jimmy Dore In Article About Nazis & Pedophiles!

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  1. Yeah because Nazis, the people who wanted to militarily conquer the fucking worl and literally exterminate everyone they felt “inferior” are NOTORIOUSLY anti-war. So let’s just link everyone associated with anti-war activism with them. CNN… your brilliance knows no bounds.

  2. These 2 guys are almost fully awake but who still think there is a such thing as a progressive democrat (Hillary Voters & Willing Members Of The Warmongering Primary Rigging Corporate Owned Corrupt Dem Party) Nina Turner & Tulsi Gabbard! lol
    Also Jimmy & Lee Think the Sell Out (DNC’s Chair Of Outreach & Dem Party Caucus Member) Bernie Sanders is somehow anti-war & a Progressive? lol Wake Up!!

  3. Jimmy Dore speaks the truth, and is one of the few i like to listen to for news along with the young turks, and Lee camp.. CNN sucks as does MSNBC, fox of course sucks, and the rest of network news.. i don’t know anyone that watches CNN, and a few watch MSNBC, but after the news on the way they treated ed Schultz the are now proven to be propaganda now.. keep speaking out Jimmy! Don’t let these jagoffs get you down!

  4. Jimmy Dore is being attacked for being perceptive, well informed, articulate and for being able to state issues clearly.

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