CONFIRMED: CIA On The Ground In Ukraine

  1. Thank you for the information, Donald. The main threat of Russia to the West is the creation of RT that offered a platform for true journalism exposing abuses and corruption in western countries, a platform that the corporate controlled western “democracies” could not manipulate. No propaganda needed, the truth is bad enough.

  2. Lee, I am an American who lives 30 km from the Eastern border with Russia. I have been living and working here since 2000. I teach at a university and have been a peace activist since the 60s. I served in the USAF during the Vietnam War. I am a member of Veterans for Peace, a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans, am a member and admin on Facebook for International Soldiers for Peace, and have been active in protests here in Finland and online.

    I have been in politics in the Boston area serving as an Alderman/city counsellor, chairperson of the city Republican Party (not a member of any party now and have been voting Green), and Massachusetts regional director of town and city chairpersons. I have met and known significant players in both parties, including meeting Trump and his first wife at his former casino in Atlantic City during a Republican Conference.

    I knew our Democrat Congressional delegation well and the major Republican players. Including Mitt, the sleaze, Romney, the chicken hawk who served as a missionary in a mansion in Paris with his manservant during the Vietnam War because he did not believe that he and his family should fight in wars because they were pacifists (yeah, right) and rich. I have lobbied Congress for reinstituting funding for the Clean Water Act. I have always had a fondness for history and research all sides to access before having an opinion. It is challenging for me to understand why people buy into nationalism, xenophobia, and imperialism. I know propaganda in all governments has evolved because of technology and is well refined by professionals, which was the dream of Bernays, Lippmann, Creel, and Goebbels. It is all about control and profit.

    The war is not about Ukraine, a battle for a unipolar or multipolar world. Still, it is a class war where all we are considered are cannon fodder, not even numbers to stain the fields red and discarded, expendable, all for control and profit. Unless a miracle happens, E.T. Come Home, I am fearful that we are headed for dark days ahead on the precipice of a very slippery slope to oblivion. Well, I am your man in Finland, if you so wish. The following is a historical perspective of why Ukraine. Add it Victoria Nulunds escapades there, etc.; you need to add it all up, which most do not before jumping on the bandwagon. I find it sad and a tragedy that most do not. Peace, my brother.

    “Why Ukraine?

    Another informative article by Jacques Baud. It covers the promise not to expand NATO—the Budapest Memorandum of 1964— the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government—whether NATO should be considered a “defensive alliance”, the wisdom of adding Sweden and Finland to NATO, and whether nations were free to leave the Warsaw pact—they were and they did.

    Plus, some interesting history re Crimea:

    • On 20 January 1991, before the independence of Ukraine, the Crimeans were invited to choose by referendum between two options: to remain with Kiev or to return to the pre-1954 situation and be administered by Moscow…. 93.6% of Crimeans agreed to be attached to Moscow….”
    • On February 26, 1992, the Crimean parliament proclaimed the “Republic of Crimea” with the agreement of the Ukrainian government, which granted it the status of a self-governing republic. On 5 May 1992, Crimea declared its independence and adopted a constitution….”
    • …. on 17 March 1995, it [Ukraine] forcibly abolished the Crimean Constitution. It sent its special forces to overthrow Yuri Mechkov, President of Crimea, and de facto annexed the Republic of Crimea, thus triggering popular demonstrations for the attachment of Crimea to Russia. An event hardly reported by the Western media.”
    • …Crimean Parliament. formulate(d) a new constitution in October 1995, which re-established the Autonomous Republic of Crimea…. ratified by the Crimean Parliament on 21 October 1998…confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament on 23 December 1998….concerns led to a Treaty of Friendship between Ukraine and Russia on 31 May 1997… principle of the inviolability of borders, in exchange…for a guarantee of “the protection of the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious originality of the national minorities on their territory—(abrogated in 2014).”
    Read the following link:

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