There’s About To Be A Lot More Nuclear Radiation If These Guys Get Their Way [Redacted Tonight]

Nuclear radiation- it sounds scary, because for decades we’ve been told that it can kill us. Because it can. And it does. Radiation causes cancer and disease and children born with wings in a not cute way. Now the NRC, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to tell us that “a little bit here and there” is not only okay- but that it’s GOOD for us. Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp explains why this is wrong is a not cute way. (From Redacted Tonight)

You Might Be An “Unperson” & Not Even Know It (REDACTED TONIGHT)

If the safety of rich white people suddenly became threatened and all their homes and money were lost- there would be a revolution. But when it happens to “unpersons” who really cares? (from Redacted Tonight)

Dick Cheney DESTROYED By Protesters

None other than Dick Cheney was parading around Washington this week trying to get people to vote against the Iran Nuclear Deal. Luckily there were protesters present to tear him apart. You gotta see this.

Redacted Tonight #65 – Nuclear Radiation In The US, Protesters Shut Down Cheney, & Are You An Unperson?

Redacted Tonight breaks down the unhistory of unpersonhood, marvels at protesters DESTROYING Dick Cheney, and calls out the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for saying there should be MORE nuclear radiation! Also – Should Gitmo be moved to your backyard?

Pork Industry Admits To Using Banned Chemical In Meat [ Redacted Tonight ]

A growth stimulant that’s banned in 160 countries is still being used in the American pork industry. Either the rest of the world is missing out on the benefits of chemically-altered pig- or Americans are getting the hind-end of the meat market. (New from Redacted Tonight)

Foreign Countries Increasingly Control The US [Redacted Tonight]

American public opinion is swayed by foreign influences like Saudi Arabia and Turkey – who pay lobbyists who are often ex-Senators or Representatives. Those Congresspeople then influence US policy – both in back rooms and in millions of dollars worth of TV ads.

Redacted Tonight #64 – Your Meat Filled with Chemicals, Katrina History Whitewashed, How To Pay For Peace…

Redacted Tonight episode 64! The US uses a chemical called Ractopamine in meat that’s banned in 160 countries. That’s practically ALL of them! So why is the US still allowing this chemical in our food?? Also it’s the 10th Anniversary of Katrina and yet most of what has happened since has been whitewashed and covered up. And finally we’re outsourcing peacekeeping to the third world! I’m not kidding. Things can’t get any weirder.

LEAKED: Audio Of Acoustic Weapons CEO Saying Protests Are Good For Business

The CEO of LRAD was caught on a conference call saying that the recent Black Lives Matter protests have been good for his business – basically he can sell more acoustic weapons to cops. Obviously it’s not surprising that companies want to make money but they don’t normally talk so callously about being excited that the American people are standing up for equality… so that cops can blast them with noise weapons that may cause PTSD.

How To Stop Corporate Sacrifice Zones From Destroying Everything

From the new episode of Redacted Tonight – How To Stop Corporate Sacrifice Zones From Destroying Everything

Redacted Tonight #63 – Corporate Sacrifice Zones, Acoustic Weapons, & Workers Abused For Fun & Profit

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A Whistle Blower Is Murdered In NYC, The Media Says Nothing

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