The Truth About Syria Is Not What You Think (with Eva Bartlett) [VIDEO]

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  1. Thank you so much for this intelligent, truthful interview. The world, especially the USA, is in dire need of hearing the real story instead of the constant media hype of outright lies.

  2. You two (EB & LC), Jill Stein, Rosario Dawson, Jon Stewart……. for our genuine and healthy democratically elected next president(s) of US!

  3. I’ve been following the war in Syria as closely as possible, from Canada & I trust Eva Bartlet. I believe that she has a very good handle on what is really happening there.
    I used to donate to Amnesty Canada, but I stopped after seeing their one-sided puppetry reports on the Syrian conflict.
    It’s appropriate that the White Helmets won an Oscar; because they are ACTORS. Ask Doctors without Borders about how the WH “save people”.
    Also, I highly doubt the Americans are really getting out of Syria; I’ll believe it when I see it. In fact, Trump also recently said that they would stay if the Saudi Dictators started PAYING for them to be there. So, basically admitting that the US armed forces will act as mercenaries for any dictator with deep enough pockets.
    It is disgusting what the US & others have been doing in Syria & yes, the US has had designs on Syria for many decades. I’m fact they have been plotting against the Syrian Government since shortly after WW2. They want to run a LNG pipeline from Qatar, through Syria to Turkey & then on to Europe. This would undermine Russia’s share of the European market. The CIA & others find it very problematic that Russia is making so much money off of European gas sales & that they have control over an essential commodity.
    Syria was a rather moderate & progressive country before the insurgency; it is not surprising that the population overwhelmingly supports Assad’s secular government. The UN monitored the presidential election in 2014 & they said it was a legitimate victory (Assad won in a landslide) so, people that call him a “dictator” don’t know what they are talking about

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