WEB EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Bombs Syria – The Truth & Lies (Lee Camp & Max Blumenthal)

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7 responses to “WEB EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Bombs Syria – The Truth & Lies (Lee Camp & Max Blumenthal)”

  1. ZorbaEvony says:

    Jeff, paid troll or just natural inbred asshole?

  2. Sean Falbee says:

    Because Greed is God Lee…
    Say it how it is, for its printed on what we spend….

  3. Karen Mitchell says:

    Thank you Max and Lee! Things are so crazy and I appreciate hearing the truth. I’m so done with screaming at the TV about this craziness.

  4. Kathy Thiebaut says:

    People should listen to Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley also. They are there on the ground. Thank you for doing this report! Spot on!!

  5. Pat Rosado says:

    Thank you for always bringing the truth to us!

  6. Ben Johnson says:

    Thank you for being the ONLY people willing to tell the truth.

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