BREAKING: North Dakota Executes Military Raid On Native American Prayer Circle At Dakota Access Pipeline Location

dakota_raidAs you likely know, there are ongoing protests to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. Should it leak (which it will) it could ruin the water source of millions. I’ve covered this before on Redacted Tonight. Yesterday, many “water protectors” were involved in a peaceful prayer circle (as most prayer circles tend to be), when the North Dakota authorities executed a military style raid on the group. 21 people were arrested. The raid included “armed personnel with shotguns and assault rifles, military vehicles, and an aerial spray…” of some kind that was being dropped from a helicopter. Once again we see the extent the corporate state is willing to go in order to protect profit over people.
To see my interview with Chase Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux who is also running for Congress, click here.

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  1. Our military was never meant to protect KKKorporate parasites. Here we go again our tax dollars protecting parasites. Americans must demand accountability of funds for this non defense based action publishing the results. Demand payment from these parasites.

  2. Niki, the entire problem is lack of Spirituality! You mention the word Spiritual and half or more of the people who talk with want to know what Church you go to!

  3. This kind of thing makes me embarrassed to be an American! I was born Cherokee! One of my grandfather’s came over here from Ireland where he had been Shanghid by the Merchant Marines. The ship docked at Mobile Bay where he jumped ship and joined the Cherokee Nation!
    I can not ignore my Mind and my Ancestors! So, hey if there are any Sioux Natives in Yucaipa California lets get together!

  4. Great posts thank you,
    This is Kristelnaught.! It is with heavy heart and way past time that I say with all sincerity.
    Fuck the Flag! Whith respect to all soldiers and pawns.

  5. @ DS, The USA is the biggest “Terrorist Nation”there is, and it is undeniable that the US is in some way either funding or supplying the same troops you are supposedly fighting, as well as training them. So it is not just domestically, but also internationally. 36 countries since WW2 have been either invaded or otherwise “Politically manipulated” by the USA. Every Treaty signed for the original inhabitants of the USA, has been disregarded, broken and laughed at by the establishment, who want every resource under their lands, and want the natives to just vanish.
    Nothing short of the rest of the world standing up to both the USA and Israel, and making them stop, is going to derail this collision course with Civil War in the USA and possibly another World War, only this time it will be a few men pressing buttons in a little bunker destroying the planet.
    I’m and Aussie, and the actions of the USA disgust me, both against the Indigenous people of your country, the minorities and the other nations your government continues to invade because it suits their desire to control the world economy, the Petrodollar deal, or helps Israel, who themselves are the modern day equivalents of the Nazis the way they treat the Palestinians on the lands they have stolen.
    I’m not going to pretend that our Government here are saints, they treat our Aboriginal people with utter contempt, and there are those among us who protest along side the Aboriginal people, only unlike the USA, we have no arms, our Government disarmed the citizens 20 years ago, so thankfully that means that our police do not come in with guns blazing, because we are unarmed.

  6. Boys and girls, we don’t live in a democracy. We don’t live in a functioning republic. We live in an oligarchy. Our government is owned by corporations and a very wealthy cadre of people who have their “pet politicians” enact laws that tilt the game in their favor. These politicians also make a lot of money doing this. We are well and truly screwed at this point in time. Talking about the situation is ok, but those who are in power will never give up that power and position and wealth just because we sign a petition and ask ’em nicely. It will take people in the streets, massive civil disobedience and make no mistake, there will be blood and death involved. Just as the men and women who fought and died to create this nation in the first place. So ignore the Standing Rock fight at your own peril. And there are many, many more instances of injustice all around us. So either wake up or quit yammering about out troops, our flag and what a great country we live in. It has potential but right now…it sucks.

  7. Okay Lee,So now Im confused.At first It looked exactly as you said then,someone replied that it was a CROP DUSTER…and I even appologized for beingWRONG!!! They The trolls are fucking with our BRAINS! and I’m so sick of it….and why am I not getting a newsletter when I signed up…..hmmmm weeks ago???? (unless your going into another account??? Hope you can check that out for me. Thank YOu Lee…

  8. What has happened to our society and our constitution ? the people have lost their voices as they cannot protect the natives of the earth we live on. Something is terribly wrong with our present time and culture. It has been taken over by a military/industrial complex that is only driven by greed and aggressive behavior. It has to be stopped, if we want to survive as a civilized country. We are on the edge of doom.

  9. Brutal police state does not tolerate dissent as should be protected under the constitution. We have committed genocide on our indigenous peoples, but we still deny them their treaties’ conditions and become violent towards their peaceful protests.

    *We* are terrorists sometimes and this is an attempt to not only stop this action but to intimidate and strike fear into anyone else in the future who protests he injustices that seem more and more common in our disgraceful corrupt oligarchy!

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