Common Censored #10 – The Benefit of Outcasts, The Celebrity Effect & The Curse of Abundance

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  1. I always felt that never belonging to any particular clique and never really fitting in anywhere gave me not only a unique outsider’s perspective, but an approach to certain situations that wasn’t shaped or defined by negatively influencing factors. I had some friends here and there. Probably fewer today, but with much stronger bonds. And I think that’s what matters most. I’m still more comfortable around complete strangers than I am people I’ve known my whole life though.
    But once again, great listening to you two. Thanks.

  2. Oh, that makes sense then – to poison our Waters especially tap-water- long-term illness is more profitable than long & healthy lives.. plus there’s still the mortuary/Cemetery payoff at the end.. – could it be capitalism really is the best system..- for wealthy white supremacist extremely excessively compensated corporate executives? (asking for a friend, inquiring minds want to know, yada yada)

    Hey, that’s My show Act Out! – I mean I watch that show [Act Out] -but I’ll claim it – Act Out – if Eleanor doesn’t want to.. lol

    American W.E.B. Dubois.. thank you Eleanor..
    He was rather Light Beige before moving to Ghana.. I doubt if he ever turned black Lee ❤
    ( not exploited?.. what’s the purpose of calling brown people black if not to make full use of and derive benefit from [slaves, separate but [un] equal, unemployed underclass -averaged in w/employed upper class to mask reality of the true {abused [or?] & oppressed.. & exploited} condition & true color..] them? smile)
    [&2think we are all 99.9% the same and all descendants of mitochondrial eve..]

    Outcasts are gifted with double consciousness ability to see behind the veil
    myth of whiteness can’t understand themselves

    What? Noo
    Myth of whiteness and Blackness Eleanor.. really because you and Lee aren’t outcasts you can’t see behind that Veil?

    It’s not important that w e b Dubois be seen as black especially since he was not
    He was a light skin descendant of mitochondrial eve with perhaps more recent African rather than Eurasian Middle Eastern or indigenous ethnicity and culture who was an outcast in America which was established for the benefit and advantage of light pink beige descendants of mitochondrial eve with more recent European ethnicity and culture…

    Listen to the voice of those most oppressed.. if you identify as white you have privileges – but you won’t actually be white [now i understand the decisions to “Pass” more – if you can’t beat them join them..]

    “I’m White!”??

    So what happens if you’re not ‘listening’ to your eyes- showing that beautiful coral pink [beige] tan is Not “white”? The eyes aren’t in a bubble the skin is not in a bubble how is only the brain in the bubble?

    White is not an ethnicity or a place..
    Black is not an ethnicity or a place..

    We are all the same race of Africans migrated Out of Africa over thousands of years and generations during different waves of Exodus Out of Africa and into Eurasia Middle East Southern Africa across the Bering Strait into this land We Now call America with a different relationship to the equator hot and cold climate over hundreds of generations..- never changing our race – human..
    – what is so important about holding on to the idea that we are white?
    Why aren’t you listening?
    Why aren’t you seeing?

    Or maybe you do understand you would be out cast if you were to discuss with one another and your friends your actual skin color and the skin color of others..- rather than talking in black white symbolism and frankly the idea that we are different races of people..

    Oh well..

    So close in episode 10 I wonder how many episodes before the difference between light pink beige and white and brown and black come out..

    The rabbit hole leads back to facts truth and reality – I suppose it’s gravity that makes us believe pink is white and brown is black?

    Outsider looking in Plus comedic chops allows a peek behind the veil – but not the same as being backed into a corner lashing out and pulling back the Veil and saying ‘hey, you’re not white.. and what are you doing to those brown people & why are you calling them black?’ – and then running like hell to get out of

    True maybe not oppressed in Western Society as a technical Jew lol.. – but certainly it must be of note for the people who defined what is technically a Jew (supposedly if Mother was so identified by self or others? [It be funny if at a Constitutional Convention that were changed lol okay or maybe not])
    Plus.. if being a Jew technically.. doesn’t necessarily involve knowing or adhering to the tenets of Judaism, aren’t we all Jews really??
    Jesus was a Jew.. and look how many Christians follow him..
    (Can’t we all just go along??)
    [Aside: is God technically Jewish? God forbid technically an orphan.. and what about His wife? Oh.. daughter? Nevermind]

    [27:00 insight into ‘cast out iimplying’ever being in’]


    Maybe if someone is popular in their early life it’s really based on the success of their parents and what they parlay that into as far as image and deeds are concerned..

    38: it’s like you guys just had a black baby named Common [Censored {Goldfield/Camp}] lol

    Alice Johnson
    So she Was commuted – not pardoned – dangy [potus14-88]?
    Give credit when credit is due Kardashian.. should they be a?

    {The powers-that-be..}

    {Spread the world.. lol}

    Omg that’s me – no one is ever good enough except me lol except when I’m not good enough to myself..aww oh my and then there’s when I’m not good enough for others..
    She used her celebrity for good..

    That goes so many ways win we’re trying to assess and guess one another’s motives..

    45.. Nadal gave up Nike sponsorship and curse the words mitochondrial eve and then went on a rant about how he’s really like pink beige and not white LOL..
    Guess you can tell I’m kidding..

    Maybe people are organizing and wanting to get credit because it’s a LaunchPad too political promotion in the long term.. it’s problematic since it’s please closer to the dark side of selling out for untaxed excessive corporate compensation or excess wages exponential to minimum wage..

    Last topic 54:00
    [ after perfect agreement Segway]

    5 earths

    Cuba. .via Mexico. .

    We can spread the world I mean spread the wealth and all maintain a sustainable lifestyle.. but I think it may take some awareness of the importance of not having more than two children to each person regardless of gender..


    Living within the confines of the ecosystem you are in..
    A symbiotic relationship with nature – something indigenous people and ancient tribes had. Before coming across a migratory carnivorous Force Atlantic Liquors labor exploiters and persons with ideas of Supremacy based on skin color and ethnicity and perception rather than reality

    What’s funny is Lee’s expressions of his realizations..

    Kids don’t want to know about where s*** goes..* maybe some do

    Americans shouldn’t want to sign up for s***..

    The dildo app is free and all anyone ever needs?
    We pay for corporations to study our behavior and impulses and needs and wants and then pay again when some addictive product provides what we want whether we need it or not..

    Wrap up 121 bombs rather than one of the 8 houses available for each homeless in mrs. Rogers Neighborhood keep fighting act out

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