BREAKING: DNC Lawyers Basically ADMIT The DNC Rigged The Primary Against Bernie Sanders!

dws_memeYou couldn’t make this up if you tried. As you may have heard, there is a lawsuit pending against the Democratic National Committee (and Debbie Wasserman Schultz) on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters. I covered the lawsuit on my show Redacted Tonight. The lawsuit includes claims of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and breaking of fiduciary duties. And of course the DNC was proven to be working with and for the Hillary campaign in recent leaked emails. Now the lawyers for the DNC have fired back by claiming – wait for it – that Bernie Supporters ALREADY KNEW the DNC was in bed with Hillary and yet they donated to the DNC anyway. Therefore, Bernie supporters were not misled. They already KNEW the Democratic National Committee was – against their rules – working for the Hillary campaign. Here’s a quote from the DNC’s lawyers’ motion: “For example, Rick Washik, donated to the Sanders Campaign between February 2016 and June 2016, months after posting a link to a petition that claimed that Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz was biased.” …Yes, folks. We have gotten to this point. The DNC is now saying, “You cannot sue us for being corrupt BECAUSE you already KNEW we were corrupt long ago! We weren’t fooling ANYONE!” This is hilariously disgusting. It’s truly beyond rational thought.

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  1. The commenter Saxman is missing the point. Let’s say for the sake of argument that these proceedings wind up in favor of the DNC. The larger picture is that 50% of the major political parties in this country (one of only two reasitic options that people have) are saying hey elections don’t have to be fair we don’t have to safeguard a critical principle of democracy. That is major problem. Let’s stop the perpetration of illusions, we don’t have the choice we deserve in this so called democracy, we get the option of one corporate party or another. It’s a democracy of the wealthy and powerful with limited spectator participation, that’s what the DNC lawyers statements point to, that’s the larger picture here, not legal technicalities and jargon.

  2. This lawsuit is about whether a fraud was perpetrated by the DNC. Simply that. Did the DNC commit fraud?

    This lawsuit was never about a misplaced belief in the integrity of the DNC. Integrity is a Moral estimation and is not within the purview of the judicial court.

    As this hearing is solely to establish the validity of the charge of a fraud being committed, and as both the litigants and the defendants have given ample evidence that fraud has been committed, we ask that the lawsuit regarding fraud be allowed to proceed.

  3. After reading some of the comments I am amazed that you fools still have yet to realize that the purity you cling to by turning up your noses at HRC and voting Green or Libertarian is being used as a weapon to get Trump elected.


  4. I worked for JFK and fof RFK. And then went third party coming back to DEM primaries for Jesse Jackson and for Jerry Brown and tge Repub primary for McCloskey. I am a loyal Green. A party of true consensus process and with ecological wisdom prime

  5. The real question this raises is… Is bernie controlled opposition? A sacrificial lamb designed to capture progressive / anti establishment votes?

  6. Yep, the right wing assholes had no choice but to admit it since Anonymous hacked-n-cracked the right wing asshole traitor’s email servers and seized the evidence.

  7. For the lawyers argument to stick, wouldn’t they have to prove we knew rather than suspected, and how does any knowledge or suspicion absolve the DNC of bias that is provable via the DNC leaks,DWS comment during debate w/ tim canova, Hillary’s statement after hiring DWS after her resignation from DNC.

  8. I want the entire week I spent in Philly back. Wait, no, I got to directly insult the DNC for their bullshit. So it was worth it. But they are right that we have all been quite aware of the rigged game from the damn beginning.

  9. The Middle East is partly destroyed, and millions have been made refugees. NATO has been abused and made into a war machine. The US needs its military industry, like a narcotic needs drugs. We who inhabit the Western European Democracies were hoping the Americans would elect a progressive, peace-loving President. Bernie Sanders seemed to represent a ‘last stand’ in the fight for a better world. With that hope gone, what can we do without a strong, democratic country to lead us ? In fact, Germany seems able to take up the banner of peace and freedom. Probably, Germany has learnt from history, and is qualified to lead world politics in the right direction.

  10. I have to vote for Hillary now, which I will do, bc cinnamon Hitler can’t get ANY WHERE NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. This is how we fight them. It’s too risky for a protest vote. We can’t have trump appoint the next supreme court judge! That will affect social justice issues for the next 20 years. Bernie said, on Real Time with Bill Maher, that he urges us to put Clinton in the white house, bc if trump gets in office there won’t be a country left to save. He has never lied to me before. He has a heart and a conscience. If he is telling me the urgency of this election, it’s absolutely critical to keep that Racist Donald Trump, and gay bashing Mike Pence out of the highest office in the land. He also said the revolution will continue after November. I trust that he is telling the truth. So pls, be smart, and heed his warnings about how dangerous trump is. I will fight along side you after November. Maybe we can even go for impeachment, but we CANNOT let trump win. So, I’m not voting for Jill Stein, because those votes are needed to aid the candidate who has the best chance of defeating him. It fn sucks, but I will obey Bernie’s wishes. We sue them in November and we form a new political party for progressives. Then we will have the structure and organization for a nation progressive party ticket in 2020. Much love to you guys. Keep fighting the good fight. We will revolt AFTER November. <3

  11. The primaries are always non-binding! They’re not part of the government, they’re marketing research!! The party bigwigs can always choose whomever they want to run. It’s always that way! The primaries just give them an idea of who’s popular.

  12. WOW! There are actually respondents who do not yet KNOW that the primaries were rigged… living, breathing, conscious people!?! I’ll bet they also do not think there will be any vote rigging (by BOTH parties) in the upcoming election!! WOW… AMAZING!!!

  13. If we/you believe the dem’s or the rep’s are your only choices, you are suffering effects from drinking their kook-aid! The TV Broadcast stations are OWNED BY THEM! Nothing but “old show” on the channels. No exploration or even an outrage pushing for a strike out commitment to anything but the corruption that’s offered as “necessary!?!?” Clinton/trump,clinton/trump……. the stupidity is obvious! It’s childish and dis-respective to report these two as the only candidates.! The Green Party offers a sane and practical approach. The interviews that have been pursued by courageous non-mainstream reporters on Jill Stein have demolished the Dem Rep viewpoint validities. I don’t consider Gary Johnson a viable candidate either, because it is insane to cut most social programs that have been carefully designed to uphold basic values and economic support while tossing bones to corporate appeasement. He offers no solar ideas of support for the middle and lower economic classes, where I feel the main support and benefits should be aimed! The Green Party would have much better results in this area.

  14. As much as I hate the way things turned out, the conclusion by the author is a bit of a stretch. The lawyers aren’t saying that the DNC was/is biased towards HC. They’re saying that if you thought that the DNC was biased, why did you donate? And since you did think the DNC was biased, and you donated anyway, how can you then sue on the grounds that you didn’t know the DNC was biased? At no point are the lawyers admitting anything.

  15. This is a class action lawsuit that anyone who had contributed to the DNC or directly to Bernie could have signed up for. It was brought to people’s attention on all the Bernie group’s face book pages at the in July, I think. It was very simple, and I signed up. If the court votes in favor of the plaintiffs, we could get all or part of our contributions refunded.

    As for the DNC attorney, just because we ASSUMED DWS was biased toward Clinton because she worked on Clinton’s campaign in 2008. Obviously, that doesn’t mean the same as receiving the info from the emails at the end of July as proof of the collusion! All over the country, the entire DNC was against Bernie and did everything they could to manipulate the outcome with massive election fraud in at least 17 states. I hope this judge doesn’t accept that Attorney’s ridiculous assertion as factual.

  16. We all knew it was rigged for Hillary – it couldn’t have been more obvious. And, now Obama’s saying that if Hillary becomes to ill to serve as President, he’ll put Joe Biden in the Oval Office. WAIT A MINUTE – BACK THE BUS UP. If Hillary would need to be replaced, the only rightful person to be that replacement is Bernie Sanders who legitimately won the primaries and the nomination. Obama is nothing but a traitor to our democracy, and the only reason he wants Hillary in that Oval Office is so that he can serve a 3rd term because he’s not quite finished with destroying our democracy. Right now, it is questionable whether or not Hillary can win the presidency, with Donald Trump leading in the polls. The only way the Democrats can guarantee they’ll win, is to put Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate for the presidency.

  17. We don’t know if the named Plaintiffs made contributions directly to the Sanders campaign instead of directly to the DNC. . . . with the hope that the DNC would fairly distribute a portion of it to the Sanders campaign.

    However, it seems obvious that they may have donated directly to the Sanders campaign for the specific reason that they thought the DNC was biased against Sanders.

    By the DNCs attorney’s logic, they actually are admitting that the DNC was, indeed biased and that the Plaintiffs’ suspicions were valid.

    The leaks , in the end, served as validation for the long held suspicions of the Plaintiffs. BTW, who is paying for these DNC lawyers? If I had hired them, I’d fire them immediately for that ridiculous piece of gobbledygook.


  18. What about the group with Tim Canova (her opponent whom she most likely rigged the election for the House seat FL23) who is currently suing DWS, DNC or something like that about using their influence and connections in the party during her Congressional race?

    Besides being a horrible candidate, she refused to debate Canova then when she finally did it was for an hour (she wanted it to be only 15 minutes) on Sunday morning!!! Not acceptable.

    If you haven’t heard of Tim Canova, check him out, he’s a great voice and leader to go forward. If DWS is dumped now for him to fill in, he’ll get her seat next time or the Florida Senate seat. He’s a formidable, intelligent, charismatic man with integrity who could be President someday.

    Best to find candidates like these to mobilize the masses around to get them elected against voter corruption and Koch like PACs and millions to replace DWS type corporate stooges who don’t give a crap about anyone that doesn’t line her pockets. It’s time in the US to make major change and that’s laid out in the US Constitution to vote the bums out.

  19. As much of a woops that was, it’s still an invalid argument, because the DNC corruption is exactly WHY all those people were sending their $27 directly to the Sanders campaign rather than through any DNC middleman.

  20. 1) The judge should have thrown his butt out of the court on grounds of INSANITY.


  21. Wait. You knew were lied, cheated and stole but since none of us has been tarred, feathered and hung, we take that as a tacit “It’s okay with me.”?

    That’s just painful.

  22. I want my $600 back I donated to Bernie that the DNC basically stole from me! As soon as they return it, I’ll send it to #Jill2016

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