Billionaire CEO Slips Up, Reveals TRUTH About Trump Government

This is the transcript of a Redacted Tonight Web Exclusive video featuring clips from Fox Business channel. Transcribed by C. Hayes.

Lee Camp:  Hey, Redactivists!  In this Web-Exclusive clip I’m going to show you some true dogshit being put forward on Fox Business Channel.  I have spent so much time making fun of CNN and MSNBC and the others, that I figured I’d take a moment to tear apart Fox News, Fox Business, the ones that I kind of ignore because they’re just so dumb that I ignore them.  But I figured I’d take a minute to plow into this, this craptastic part of our media.  So let’s get started!


Liz Clamon, FOX Business News:  Senators on both sides of the political aisle are showing concern over President-Elect Trump’s top choice for Secretary of State: the successful businessman, Exxon Mobil CEO, Rex Tillerson.  


Lee:  Yes! Tillerson, the head of Exxon Mobil. So I hope they have a great guest on, to talk about what a catastrophe Tillerson will be, and how he represents the final stage of the takeover of the State by billionaire kleptocrats. As does Donald Trump. They represent the, the completed takeover.  I hope they have on someone to really tear into how terrible this is.


Liz/FBN:  Joining me now, a man who knows Tillerson well, and says he is an outstanding choice. He’s Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray.  Thanks for coming on the show, Robert!   


Lee:  Robert Murray.  As in, the king of coal country, Robert Murray!  As in, the guy who lobbies against safety precautions for miners, and is skeptical of climate change.  He’s not really sure what’s going on there! Probably because he’s the one causing, well, most of it. That’s the guy you’re going to ask whether the Exxon Mobil CEO should be Secretary of State. Robert Murray? The face of the Crandall Canyon mine collapse in 2007?  Which had been cited, that mine had been cited for many safety violations prior to the collapse. And then they blamed it on an earthquake, when in fact, it’s probably likely they caused the earthquake, like the Richter Scale was actually measuring the quake-a-day caused with their collapse. And then it came out that his other mines had all kinds of safety problems. CNN said his mine in Illinois had at least, or had almost 3500 safety citations in 2 ½ years. Which, I’m no mine expert, but I think that’s a lot.  I think 3500 is, uhhhh, up there!  

This is who you’re asking whether the head of Exxon Mobil should help run our government! That’s like asking the fire how it feels about an arsonist. “Where do you stand on this arsonist?”  “Oh, I think he’s great!”  This is like asking Tila Tequila how she feels about vapid mind-numbing television that makes everyone dumber. This is like having a discussion on whether it’s ok for a company to charge $500 for an Epi-Pen, a life-saving Epi-Pen, when it costs, like $10 to make it! And then they go, “to get to the bottom of this, we’re going to talk to ‘Pharma-Bro.’ ” Martin Shkreli! Were there no literal snakes to interview about Tillerson? They couldn’t find a rattler to bring into the studio?


Liz/FBN:  Robert, the criticism is that Rex Tillerson stands to make, it looks like a $24 million-plus pay package. That there’d be conflicts of interest between Rex Tillerson and his stock options, and conflicts of interest between his job as Secretary of State and Exxon Mobil. What do you make of those concerns?

Robert Murray: I think it’s no concern at all. Mr Tillerson will be representing the United States of America as Secretary of State. Heretofore, he’s represented Exxon Mobil, in a very diplomatic way. I’m sure that he and Mr. Trump have an understanding that he will represent the United States of America, and I believe that he’ll do it in a very great way, Liz.


Lee:  Oh yeah, he and Trump do have an understanding! An understanding that they’re pillaging the country! And – hopefully, the world! They’ll start with the country, but there’s plenty of hours in the day, to also pillage the world. You gotta remember not to overextend yourself, alright, Tillerson? You gotta put aside some time for mental health, some “me-time,” if you will. Some personal space. When you’re pillaging, you need to have those moments. Because, before you know it, you’ll burn out. You’ll burn out. I’ve seen it a million times: really great pillagers, top of the line pillagers, idiot savants in the pillaging community! Men and women who are just so talented, so talented at exploiting the world’s resources, just the cream of the crop! Exploiting the world’s resources – which includes humans – when you’re that rich and powerful, humans are just another resource to grind up in the machine. Anyway, really, really great pillagers who burned down. They didn’t take enough time for themselves and they had to stop pillaging. They just dropped off the map, out of the pillage scene. Really. Very sad. There’s no telling what they could have accomplished if they’d just paced themselves.  

Yeah, sure! He used to represent Exxon Mobil, and now he’ll represent the United States of America. What’s the big deal? I don’t understand! This is taking someone who has never showed any interest in helping people, or creating a better society or “public service,” so to speak. The entire, the entire point of his life has been to just make a shitload of money, just a shit-LOAD, from burning fossil fuels, mainly. And as Secretary of State, his entire goal will be to continue to enrich himself and his friends, to make sure fossil fuels continue to be burned, even though it’s destroying us, and to undermine climate science. But for some odd reason this parasite Murray, they’re talking to, is saying that the other parasite won’t behave like a parasite! Once he gets into the government, he will stop being a parasite! I am shocked. I would really think that one billionaire parasite would give an honest assessment of the other billionaire parasite. You know, it’s almost as if – yes, it’s almost as if Murray has made his living in a, in a dishonest way, and now he’s continuing to be dishonest.


Murray (breathing heavily): For the United States, our relationships have been very incompetently handled by Barack Obama, John Kerry and (heavy breathing) Hillary Clinton over the last nearly, decade. 


Lee:  See? You can tell! The man is winded from all of the pillaging [the audio of this clip clearly indicates Murray gasping for breath throughout this interview]  He’s, he’s he’s [imitating Murray] out of breath [unintelligible]  B-rack… O- bama – He can hardly catch his breath. Take a break, Robert! You’re up all day and night with your extraction of the resources of the world! You’re burning the coal at both ends! Really, take a day off, man! Jesus, you sound like you’re about to pass out. Here’s what you do, Robert. You run a warm bath. You drop some scented oils in there, you turn your phone off, and you tell your Thai lady-boy servant not to interrupt you for the next three hours, for any reason. Whatever you hear in there! “Whatever noises emit from this bathroom, do not come in!” That’s what you tell ‘em.

No, Murray’s probably out of breath, honestly, from orgasming after he heard the head of Exxon Mobil, one of the most harmful corporations on the planet, was going to be Secretary of State. Probably just ooooooaah, all over his pile of orphan’s teeth that he collects, or whatever the fuck. An impromptu orgasm, it can really take the wind out of you. He was probably flipping on his news: “Rex Tillerson’s going to be – oooaaahhggawh” And now he’s out of breath, you can hear it, he’s out of breath. Well, I’m sure any minute now the anchor, the reporter for Fox Business, she’s going to push back!  She’s going to be like, are you aware of the level of bullshit you’re speaking – or does it just spray out when you’re not even looking nowadays, you don’t even notice? I’m sure she’s going to hit him hard!


Liz/FBN:  Tillerson was recommended by former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, also former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates and  former Secretary of State, James Baker. I mean, that should carry a lot of weight, right, don’t you think?  [newscast displays all three portraits under a banner that reads, “TILLERSON RECOMMENDATIONS.”]


Lee: Yes! Look at these war criminals who support Tillerson! Doesn’t that mean something? I mean, Condoleezza Rice actually had an oil tanker named after her. By Chevron! I’m not kidding. You know, it’s almost as if these slimeballs think that the United States of America is a company, and not a country. That its prime goal is profit, not the bettering of the lives of people, of our citizens. Come on, Robert Murray, put my mind at ease, that this is about the country, the people, us, the rest of us, not the millionaire class. Put my mind at ease that it is about the citizens, not about profit and money and wealth for a very few – like a company!   


Murray: I said before Mr. Trump was elected that he has the passion and the courage and the commitment to bring in the, the most competent people in the United States of America to run our comp- company.


Lee:  “Trump is bringing in the best people to run our company??” Our company? It’s supposed to be a country, you fucking nasty, sniveling, out- of-breath, troglodyte asshole! These people, the parasitic business class of billionaire exploitation vampires, have taken over, and it is clear they view this country, our country, as a company.  In which their task is to enrich themselves. The corporate hostile takeover is complete. I present to you the completed hostile takeover. And what is a hostile takeover called when it’s a country, and not a company? It’s a coup. The coup is complete. And don’t worry, I’m not just laying this on the Republicans, the corporate Democrats are equally responsible, they just weren’t as obvious with it, they weren’t as up front with it. And this is one of the many reasons we have to keep fighting.  

Anyway, that’s your web-exclusive clip for today. Get all our videos at Good night and keep fighting. 

    I’ll always remember Commie Mommie’s wise words of anarchy: “Son, if you can’t say something nice about your government, say something.”

    I sure miss Commie Mommie…she always protected us from the shit-storms of capitalist propaganda.

  2. 78.9% of people who consider themselves well-informed are actually badly misinformed. 100% of people who watch Fox News are badly misinformed.

    A mere 11.3% of the people who actually know what’s what’s wrong with the world know what to do about it. Of the 11.3%, only 0.113% actually do anything about it, with a 0.2% success rate.

    The world is 97.6% doomed. This means we have a 2.4% chance of survival.


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