Audio Podcast #212 – HARMON LEON, Exxon oil spill, a win for reproductive rights, a win for marriage equality, and more…


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  1. I mean remember those 200 or so monks in Burma or Myanmar or whatever the fuck that walked up to the military and went “*Sniff* *Sniff* Please stop hurting everyone its not very nice.”

    Or the infamous Tianemon square or however you spell it.

    Too believe that the pen is mightier than the sword is complete ludicrousness. Without the sword the pen has no power at all. And its easily testable if someone doesn’t believe me. You write up a pretty little poem or draw a picture or give a speech and I’ll take an AK74 and shoot you in the face and we’ll see who’s ideals survive longer.

    Why are there Christians literally everywhere? Because they spent centuries slaughtering all who opposed them until they were the good guys by default. Why is English among the most common languages int eh world? Same reason. And the same goes for all dominant ways of thinking. Without action, without “the sword” ideas and hopes and dreams are meaningless.

    Because lest we forget:

  2. See this is why I condone and damn near encourage violent uprising over this pacifist bullshit. I think it was Greg Palast you interviewed where you were talking about voting fraud and that people say that voting just perpetuates the issue. And one of you had the analogy that if someones going to rob your house you don’t just leave the door open and say come on in. Somehow that equated to voting being useful but I’m not sure how. Greg’s little tantrum about MLK getting a bullet in his head for his rights and all we have to do is vote really didn’t sell it either. As that basically says “hey you have to put in LESS effort than he did but somehow magically get MORE of a result out of it.” and just pandered to the laziness and apathy that’s all too prevalent already.

    But you were at least right on one thing, you don’t just leave your door open and invite them in. No, you ambush them enroute, flay them, and stick them half alive and moaning on a pike on your front lawn to die slowly over the next two weeks and then rot for all to see. That way then the next set of would be robbers come by they go “Holy fucking shitdoppers! Lets go to the house that has the ‘Secured by ADT’ sticker’ for an easy hit. Who in their right mind would’ve messed with those guys?”

    If a cop breaks a protesters wrists, that cop gets hunted down and murder/tortured. If their family bitches and complains about it, then they get murdered too. And then work your way up the food chain. If they want to act like robotic drones who can only follow orders and horde money then they can be treated like them too. The world would at least change then. Into what I don’t know but at least it would change.

    Unfortunately not everyone is as sociopathic as me so that’s a dream that will likely remain just a dream.

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