Common Censored #105 – Flu Klux Klan, Corona Miscount, Assange’s Kids Revealed & UK Scandal

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  1. I have been a fan of your show since Bernie ran in 2916. And still am…just want to say that it’s not just the righties who believe the numbers are being altered .have you seen the last American vagabond..? He has been following this since it began…an episode with Dr. Rishad Buttar explains much. We need to understand that said virus was created in a lab and has a whom,, I don’t know.. anyway covid-19 many Believe is not as dangerous as portrayed by the media but could be if conditions present factors and toxicities that damage the immune system..these viruses are in our bodies already but it’s the immune system failure that causes death.due to toxins in our bodies from the atmosphere.. examples are.. air pollution, radio waves. And stress there are seven according to Dr. buttar..
    The biggest deception is the agenda that our government is implementing NWO under the guise of corona virus.i don’t know if you have talked about this bc I haven’t seen your show lately..thanks for listening. Sincerely James Williamson @ionse

  2. Lee are you going to discuss the things that Jimmy Dore, Ryan Christian and others are about the use of caronavirus to install alot of fascist bullshit? Okay its real.but we must also realize just like ebola and HIV this was Manufacturered in a lab to kill our enemies…thanks

  3. Rebuttal to Adam from UK…
    Could you please tell me how you think Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader ? Why bc. He cannot unite the right ? That is what you are saying..this is going on all over the world you need to suck It up and help the left…bc fascism is taking over…

  4. Lee, I am an avid fan, but I am sorry to say your portrayal of the Labour Party is a little blown out of proportion. Yes, undoubtedly there would have been some in the Labour Party that wanted Jeremy Corbyn to lose, and may have acted against him. He was a very divisive leader for the Party. He may have come up with a fantastic 2017 manifesto politically, but his lack of leadership skills, lack of direction on Brexit and his inability to deal with antisemitism, alongside (to be fair to him) an outrageous treatment by the right-wing press, made him extremely unpopular with many voters and ultimately un-electable. Despite this, I can say that the vast majority of Labour Party members and MPs, whether pro or anti-Corbyn, fought damned hard to elect Labour and keep the Tories out in 2017 and again in 2019. While what you say is accurate about, maybe in 2017, Corbyn could have become this country’s leader, this would only have been as leader of a fragile alliance of all the non-right UK parties – and even then it either wouldn’t have happened, or wouldn’t have lasted long.

  5. Thanks for another great episode as I painted walls today. I loved Eleanor’s rant getting into the “vote blue no matter who” idiocy. It’s so ironic that those who hold themselves in such high regard as the educated & ethical class are the biggest brainwashed cult following sheep! After they fucked over Bernie again, I will proudly vote Green knowing that’s the type of political revolution we need to get away from the two party paradigm. Keep fighting & act out!

  6. I read that the DeVoss family are behind the protesters and are being paid by them. I forgot where I read it!

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