Common Censored #108 – Trump’s False World, Crap Forensic Science & More!

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  1. Herd immunity is how we in the US have always gotten through every bad flu season we have never in my life quarantined healthy people..why is our gov. Making us “social” distance when it should be called physical distance? Point is…social distancing and masks are both has to wonder why we are distancing when the virus is not airborne .. you would literally have to spit in someone’s mouth or touch a doornob that someone who was infected touched and then rub your eyes or put your finger in mouth..other aspects of distancing are to break ones spirit. Just like you both talked about a happiness when being hugged….so why would a government want to break ones spirit?… harms of masks .. breathing your own co2 not good..esp. for ppl with various illnesses.. doing these so called prevention measures placed upon us by the world health organization and CDC go against herd immunity..I am 57 years old and I will say again that we in the United States have always used herd is the idea that when the flu comes or coronavirus you stay together in the herd.. everyone gets infected some will get sick and some will not..few will die…the very old and some very young..the idea is to build an immunity so that your body can fight the illness…Dr. Fauci and Gates say this virus will return in the fall and be much worse.. Why? Bc we didn’t practice herd immunity. Is this what they wanted ?

  2. Responding to 108, I felt like Planet of the Humans gave a Future in terms of a
    Concensus of Concern, which I picked up in lots of positive responses to the film. I highly recommend Eleanor watch the film so she can join the conversation. I do like the idea of an explanatory intro, which was her idea.

  3. Hey Dave, I don’t have an audio version but you can listen to Redacted Tonight on the job by looking up the “Moment of Clarity” podcast. Free wherever you get your podcasts.

  4. Mr. Lee, hope all is well. Any chance of a Audio Book version of your book? I have a hard copy which is on my list to read should a day come I may actually get to retire. Being expendable…. I mean an essential corporate slave I’d be able to listen on my job or on my commute. Just a thought. Thank you all for all you do.

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