Audio Podcast #202 – The Most Positive MOC Yet… Plus Greg Palast…

1) Music is “Jesus of Suburbia” by Green Day
2) Banks don’t make a profit –
3) Global awakening –
4) 25% of the world’s prisoners –

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  1. Lee, you said a quote by Martin Luther King about being positive in this video?Forgive my weird genius, but wasn’t King assassinated by the CIA? How can anybody be positive in such an ultra bullshit vampire driven “daybreaker movie” society. I other wonder if Australia wasn’t the place England sent all its pirates? Maybe they made a mistake like Columbus did on his map, and sent all the pirates to the US. I mean look at what they did to the Indians, the Mexicans the Japanese, and ourselves! God a full can of parasites, or even a universe full of parasites would be far less harmful!

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