ANOTHER Stanford Study Shows Election Fraud, CNN Is Helping Terrorists, Big Coal Collapse [Redacted Tonight 107]

In this week’s episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals a new damning Stanford University study showing that major voting machine companies actually donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation AND produced non-verifiable electronic voting results that drastically favored Hillary in an absurd contrast to 337 pre-election polls. Lee also shows how CNN is not only helping to prop up ISIS, but is giving them tips on how to strike the US. Plus, he breaks down just how crazy large America’s trash creation is. Redacted Correspondent John F. O’Donnell presents a segment about how Big Coal is robbing it’s employees of their pensions and benefits, while at the same time sticking the US taxpayers with the responsibility of paying to clean up their environmental messes. And Redacted Correspondent Carlos Delgado shows up in studio to discuss the “Dark Act” that is trying to undermine states’ ability to label GMOs.

  1. In the 60s, we had a saying what if they gave a war and nobody came? Now with election fraud, I have a new saying, what if they gave an election and nobody voted? I will NOT BE VOTING for the first time in my 70 years of life….If you don’t vote then there is no Election fraud because there are no votes to miscount, change or shred….Think about it!!!! what if Hill or Don were elected by only the one percent….And do you really think that they vote???? I only vote my values and I refuse to endorse” this election by actually voting when in fact my vote for Jill Stein will NOT BE COUNTED!!! because of Election Fraud…I voted Ralph Nader/ I Don’t regret it!!!!

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