Redacted Tonight #92- Truth About The Drug War, Hillary’s Emails Are Being Censored, You Are Not Free & more

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, the team covers the beloved F-word: Freedom. Lee covers how the ideal of freedom has been adopted and mutated by the government and elites. Then we report the most important news of the week: what is really behind the drug war and we finally discover what is going on in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. John F. O’Donnell explains a Georgia Bill that promotes religious “freedom” at the expense of the gay community. And Naomi Karavani reveals the how the Freedom of Information Act has been abused at historic levels by this administration.

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    Here’s the deal. If you want to do drugs, go ahead, but remember, they’re bad for you, so in order to protect you from your own stupidity, we’re ordering you not to do them. If you still do them, we’re gonna have to “protect” you by throwing you in prison (unless you’re a rich white kid), and maybe you’ll thank us for this some day, and maybe if you do, we’ll take your name off our list of bad people that shouldn’t get jobs. We wouldn’t want any of this stuff to happen to you, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

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