America’s Role In The Huge Blast in Lebanon (Web Exclusive)

  1. and other sources reporting a nuclear signature on beirut blast. It’s another one-two just like Bali with differences. Bali bombing; fundie wackjobs attack tourists; someone sends in a nuclear tipped missile and 200 dead from water. The size and heat of blast is a lot more than fertilizer; Israelis or someone lobbed a couple of missiles into blast; planes above direct missiles to target. Two sources say that heat and size of explosion; third largest behind Nagasaki indicates nuclear “enhancement”.

  2. Colonial systems have all used the same imperial method of imposition of what the colonized shall use for money, so it makes no sense to talk about the “value” of any country’s currency, because it is all a fantasy imposed by the colonial powers. The resources the colonial powers are extracting on the basis of the use of these imposed currencies also include the labor resources of those colonized places. It is the basic operating system of colonialism which has first dismissed the possibility that any populace can determine for itself its own economic system and or establlish its own self reliance.

    So we need to challenge the very operating system of colonial imposed money if there is going to be liberty of any kind. The way some are challenging the imposed colonial currency systems is to challenge the notion that a unit of currency is at one and the same time a thing of value all by itself ( a strange notion given that it is created from nothing!) while that same unit is also representing in abstract form the value of other things. Both of these things cannot be true at the same time. So if the people want to be free from the imposed colonial operating system then they have to abandon the imposed illogical definition and determine for themselves what money itself shall be. If they decide to use an abstract unit based system of accounts then the unit itself must be logically specified in order for it to be used in representational accounting and cannot have the insanity it has historically had. Here are two resources for people to first 1. learn about this and then 2. to bring political action within their own governance circles:

    We cannot get out of the colonial era until we stop using the colonial operating systems.

  3. Wow. You’re so fucking right. USA’s government is killing people. (or the military do the dirty work). I’m from Sweden, and we’re “neutral” – still at least. We’re part of Nato, but I don’t like it… just because Nato is run by the frickin’ USA.
    About this video ‘America’s role in the huge blast in Lebanon’ – I think you’re so right about it, and I’m kind a stunned that no mainstream media is talking about USA’s role into it.

    USA government is so corrupt and with a leader with a temper as a 5-year old chicken – it just too much. When will United States stop crushing other nations? (the answer may be never), because USA is the “greatest nation on earth”. The world around you are laughing or the opposite sometimes. You should be more concerned about your homecountry – start to take care of your own people – your domestic problems, instead of put your dirty fingers in other nations problems.

    Look what’s happens in the middle east right now. (just as an example). Dirty Dons (that’s your president) – have made a “deal” between Israel and the arabs. And all people aren’t happy with that…. But, it’s not the first time in history that USA tries to “make things better” (worse)….

    Anyway – you’re great. I wish more people can be like you and have the curage to speak out.

    From now on, I’m your fan.

  4. Many Countries are Nationalists .
    The Problem is when you mix Nationalism with American Exceptionalism.

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