MOC #16 – How To End Hunger

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  1. Belo Horizonte is an impressive story, but only one city, not copied elsewhere in Brazil.
    Of course, the PRC has a thing about food security, since, until 40 years ago, 800 million Chinese didn’t have enough to eat, and no one cared, they figured that was normal. Then things changed. By the end of this year, no one in the PRC should be food insecure. Remote villages with poor soil were forcibly moved to new locations where there was work that paid a decent wage. Villagers who spoke only one language not understood by anyone from outside that village were taught other languages so they could find work. Some of the villagers didn’t like the changes, but the PRC does not offer much in the way of options. If they are determined you will have enough to eat, they make sure it happens, even if you hate leaving the village where you used to go to bed hungry.

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