Allow Me To Explain How Joe Biden Did (not) Win So Many Primaries

  1. yes, write in BERNIE by all means but we need to PROTEST en masse show up at the DNC and tear it down! Bernie has been fighting so hard we need to fight with him!

  2. We need to either start a new Labor Party for Progressives or merge with Green Party who already has some infrastructure in place so we wouldn’t have to start from scratch.we can improve the Green Party infrastructure too. Forbid superpacks. I would even be willing to pay a membership fee each month to prevent candidates taking money from big donors. I have watched this party sandbag Progressive candidates for 60 years. I kept voting for the corporate winner hoping that the next election would get stronger support for the Progressive. 2016 really opened my eyes. All the different ways the party rigged the primary, many were typical Republican stunts, voter purges of voters who were likely to vote for Bernie, exit polls being off by 16 to 18 points. One person at the polls sneaking out to her car with boxes full of votes. Voters reporting that Party leaders were breaking rules, Voting machines that were switching votes for Bernie to Hillary and member voting committees who you were supposed to report these issues telling the people reporting it that they were not experts! They were adults though and they could count, and the paper ballots far outnumbered the machine ballots for Hillary. Nothing was ever done about it. List goes on. My thing is this, this time they couldnt downplay his popularity so they just stop trying to and are openly rigging it. Our votes dont matter and THEY NEVER WILL. So why keep getting in line for the inevitable corporate candidate they choose for us because Republicans are a tiny bit worse. Progressive and disaffected Independents need to break up with the Dems and create the party that we want. This 2 party system will always be rigged against us.

  3. I didn’t vote for Killary and still don’t regret it. All you need to remember is that a lot of Amerikkkans are selfish and narcissistic; only vote their self-interest. They would still be asleep after their third plate if that effing worthless POS had won. Now they’re fighting for a change. . .

  4. I think if Bernie doesn’t win he should just go independent for presidency f*** the DNC and f*** Trump

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