Abby Martin & The Neo-Liberal Plan To Bring Down VenezueIa [VIDEO]

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  1. Is there any way I can view this video, or does it no longer exist? It opened my mind when I first viewed it, and I want to share it with others.

  2. Strongly genuine and nuanced / Great (Genuine intelligence discussed well, footnote: why nature endangers….. generally when so much of ecology & life supporting habitat is degraded / destroyed and endangered itself, either way keep on / don’t become victims of DemGOP divisive tyranny / resources grubbing & concentrating).

  3. Perhaps the general US populace (people of the US) will quit buying the tickets to this DemGOP world over theater/theatre being played out and frequently sold out.
    Keep trying to turn the genuine lights on that don’t blind yet awakens

  4. Abby Martin has a right to take sides, but, it seems like she is somehow limiting the scope of the discussion and giving us her perspective rather than the big picture of Venezuela’s political/ economic/ societal problems and US involvement in them.

  5. Gotta love Abby’s ability to dig down to the very heart and truth of so many complex international issues. Lee camp’s humor is a welcomed diversion to so many tragic events and happenings, world wide…Thank you both for staying ever vigilant.

  6. This was a very interesting programme, Lee. You are one of my favourites, and very courageous. I always look forward to your programme. Both Abby Martin and Jon Pilger are highly courageous, outspoken critics of Western policies. I did watch John Oliver for a while, but soon got fed up with the shallow “liberal” crapola. I am a US expat (grew up in Massachusetts, and outgrew ‘bleeding heart’ liberalism by my mid teenage years, both my parents were immigrants and Democrats; by my college and university days I was a Marxist, there was more freedom of thought in institutions of higher learning in those days, the early 80s …. interestingly, both my parents are on the same wavelength as me nowadays). Abby’s discussion about Venezuela was both enlightening and worrying, though I was already well aware of what the U.S. is planning and why. I just keep hoping they fail, as in the case of Fidel Castro. Though they succeeded in planting their Nazi-supported puppet regime in Ukraine. The point about Yemen also illustrates the sickening hypocrisy. As does the mention of the apartheid regime of Israel. I also appreciated the interview with the hosts of Watching the Hawks, which I likewise watch regularly on RT. To all of you I say …keep fighting!

  7. Sanctions and non-sovereign debt are the biggest threats to Venezuela at the moment. No economy can stand up to a debt that isn’t denominated in its own currency. The bond market will be manipulated against the sovereign currency of the country until it is forced to inflate away its own currency to service its foreign debt. We are also seeing this play out in Eurozone countries as they are being brought to heel by Germany in an attempt to make them vassal states. Wall St will eventually drive Venezuela into a collaboration with Russia or China for its oil sales. Venezuela should default on its foreign debt and cut a deal with China for its oil and then use that to rebuild its national economy, privatizing any critical industries that oppose the interests of its people.

  8. The gun issue in the US needs to be discussed in terms of the deep state.

    People all over the world are starting to wake up to the corrupt and untouchable system of top down control, due to social media and video uploads that directly contradict the mainstream media narrative on almost every subject, and the growling likelihood that all our elections are completely staged and rigged. This is causing increased dissidence, and this in turn increases the chances of an armed rebellion against the authorities.

    I know many people will argue that an AR-15 is no match against tanks, missiles and drones, but they are forgetting that the police and military are outnumbered by at least 100:1, and in the event of total rebellion, many of those police and military – the ones not drugged up on steroids at least – will actually rebel too as soon as they witness their own family and friends being murdered, and will likely turn the large military weapons at their disposal against the authorities too. And you only have to look at US insurgencies in the middle east to see how effective small arms and improvised explosives can be in the hands of the citizens. Tanks, missiles and drones are very effective at killing large numbers of people and laying waste to large areas of land, but they don’t want to do that because these are the very things they need to be tyrannical assholes in the first place. What they need to control an entire population is a police state with automatic weapons, while the people have no defense.

    So, my point is, the NRA issue is a media distraction, and a way to pit the people against the politicians, so that when they eventually DO take the guns, the people (the brainwashed ones anyway) will think they have won – when really they have lost. The deep state and their government puppets really DO want to take ALL the guns. And the only thing stopping them is not NRA bribes, but the very real fact that if they tried to take them all in one go, they would cause the very thing they are trying to prevent – an armed rebellion by 320 million people with 300 million guns.

    (I know most of these guns are in the hands of a small percentage of people at the moment, but you can bet as soon as the shit hits the fan, they will be distributed.)

    We are being played, yet again, by the mainstream media psy-op, manufacture of consent. And when you consider what is at stake, and what we already know about the lengths to which these people are prepared to go to maintain their power and control, it seems plausible that they may even be involved in some or most of these “mass shootings” that stir up the gun debate every time. A government that is willing to murder millions of innocent people all over the world to further their agenda for power and control, are certainly not going to draw the line at shooting a few dozen American school kids. How they do it, I couldn’t say. Mercenaries? drugged/coerced/threatened military personnel? Who knows.

    Guns are not the problem, as demonstrated by the decades of widespread gun ownership throughout history, in many different countries, which did NOT result in school massacres. The way to solve this problem is to expose the deep state and their crimes, and end their rein of terror and mass murder. Removing guns from the citizens will only make things worse, in fact, maybe the only reason the UK and Australia have not yet turned into brutal dictatorships, is that they are waiting until the guns are removed from the US citizens, otherwise their nefarious gig would be up, and the US would never give the guns up.

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