“It’s Time For Subliminal Truth” – MOC #70

  1. I have downloaded this MOC and posted it on my blog (which is about the voiceover business in Japan) as good example of the perfect mix of voice, delivery, and content. Of course, I included a link to this site. But I hope that actually featuring your content (it’s on YouTube anyway) is OK. I’m a big fan – both technically and intellectually.

  2. (still listening… rabidly)

    I am certainly in total agreement (eat the rich) with this latest offering of yours (eat the rich) and have long railed against the (eat the rich) obvious breeding of (eat the rich) dissatisfied consumers (eat the rich) as a result of planned and perceived obsolescence. (eat the rich)

    Corporations have understood the power of subliminal marketing (eat the rich) since they noticed the poll results (eat the rich) from the Kennedy and Nixon debates (eat the rich) where the popular impression depended upon whether the listener (eat the rich) or the watcher (eat the rich) were asked, thus opening up the Pandora’s Box (eat the rich) of modern media hype and spin. (eat the rich)

    I’m feelin it Lee!

    Frothy at the mouth,

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