#366-Dr. Robert Epstein Tells Lee Camp How Google Manipulated the Elections

  1. I was raised without a television by an abused wife turned feminist and civil rights activist who despised consumerism, disposable products, planned obsolescence, and materialism for it’s destruction of our environment, not to mention its other very negative impacts on our world and society. So she pounded my siblings and my skulls over our childhoods to completely mistrust and dispise the evil and injustice done by advertising, the media, corporations, our government, etcetera; making us all face the truth and thus making us chronically depressed, mentally scientists and environmentalists with a paranoia unrivaled but for certain schizophrenics of who is providing our information. Its never been easy, but now, with the corporate ownership of all forms of popular media, advances in the science behind propaganda, combined with the internet that has a shit to accurate information ratio of something like 100,000,000 to 1; there is no way in hell I have ever, EVER trusted any search engine – because the information I want is never at the top, they are always trying to bury the truth and I am also not satisfied by just one site’s information, or one set of statistics or the results of one study. Just like knowing the bible backwards and forwards (thanks St Bernard Catholic School) helps me to deal with Christians who want to convert me to their faith – I always face my “enemies” (as an elderly misanthrop that means everybody) with links to plenty of reports, evidence, tons of scientific research and reams and reams of data.

    Fighting being manipulated with new forms of mind control tech is a lot of work, and I can’t say how successful I have been since the once lovely internet I knew in the ’90’s turned into the corporate and conspiracy theory fuck-fest it has today. For what its worth I never owned a tv, a car, or had a child. The first to keep my hard drive in my head as uncluttered by inane bullshit and corporate/governmental attempts at manipulating me, the second for the environment, and the third because I hate the little buggers (but, it was also about not adding to the population, and that as a female I could vastly limit my legacy of damage and destruction to all forms of nature by having my tubes tied. – Best decision EVER!)

    Off topic:
    Check out global climate change visually in near real time:
    Interactive Globe – Climate Super Computer – (I have it set to sea surface tempurature anomalies -SSTA, click on the map for the temperatures that we can hardly call anomolies anymore they are so ever present, click bottom left on the word earth and check out all the other fun settings to see just how fucked we really are.)

    Climate Reanalyzer:
    Two demensional non-interactive of the above

  2. A very well done and informative interview. I’ve been very suspicious that this was happening. Its great to hear an explanatory confirmation. Thanks for the show

  3. Just starting to listen, wish there was a transcript, so I could grab, copy and paste into comments above the shared link….

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