Podcast #262 – Dylan Ratigan breaks his silence, how food stamps are destroying the world and more…

1) To watch the Dylan Ratigan video, go here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUuNvFhUjCg

2) Music is “99 Revolutions” by Green Day

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  1. You are very welcome Lee. I thank you and all the rest who have the good fortune to have a platform from which to speak out and the courage to do so and those who make that possible.. At a time when we are fast approaching a Stasi-like state you are all very brave, very beautiful. For whatever it is worth; your contributions are valued. Peace friend, Bruce DeLaney

  2. I had no idea that Dylan Ratigan was so intelligent. Thank him for me. I don’t usually follow any of the mainstream media outlets and so I really never followed Dylan when he had his news show, in spite of my friends admonitions. I never had much respect for MSNBC. When Keith Olberman cashed out so did I. Very interesting how Dylan has organized the notions of quantum and what passes as Buddhism in an effective way. Myth /paradigm same same yes and we are in a terrible spot. I. personally, don’t think we have a shot in hell of getting out of the spot that we are in but I am greatly pleased to see/hear peeps like Dylan and Lee, Chris Hedges and a precious few others willing to share what is in their minds. History informs us that what we are viewing here in America and over seas is boringly redundant. The possible difference being that this time the upheaval is global. I don’t know how that will pan out. Previously these events were local, Sumeria, Rome, Greece, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, et cetera….local. This time seems to be different. Might be different. Maybe this time we will be able to overcome the fucking fear that so many carry around and use to make their decisions like an abacus. Give it all away and fucking love/be at peace with, one another or maybe we will, this time, fuck everything over globally. Destroy the entire planet. Mind you, I have no compunctions about seeing human society being removed from this lovely, lovely, gentle planet (I am by no means a theist) but I do have some hesitation about seeing us destroy every fucking tree, squirrel, bird, mouse et al in our path before we go. Grim. It is in the wind. I am a stone mason and cabinet maker. That has been my contribution. Thank you for yours.

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