Common Censored #140 – Universal Healthcare Fast Track & Our Abusive Relationship with The State

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  1. Capitalism is a certain mistaken and illiterate understanding of what money itself is and does.
    What I think is missing in the language that many people fail to bring to their presentations on monetary and social reform is this question of exchanging value FOR money. TimeBank and Mutual Credit members already know the reality – that value can only be exchanged for value and that money Is Not value but can only be a representation of the value of other things.
    So when the Capitalist talks of bankers or financiers or governments creating money as though their ‘unit creation’ activity is akin to the genuine economic activity of the laborer or producer, that talk should be met with a challenge of the absolute illiteracy of the capitalist in not knowing the difference between the real value and the unit of abstract representation. The challenge to capitalism is not going to succeed until the very concept of money creation by some specific class or group of people is known to be as illiterate as would be a group that claims to be the Inch Creators or the Gallon Creators and that but for these Magical Unit Creators the poor peasantry would not be able to measure stuff!!

    The problem is that once the populace is using this kind of illiterate system the system itself carries imperatives to which the entirety of the populace must respond unless they are willing to abandon the system.
    Those imperatives include the monetization of the planet and a never ending scarcity of units that comes from thinking that the units are themselves items of economic value. All very circular but very much like a whirlpool vortex of a lack of mental acuity.

    Let’s End Monetary Illiteracy!

  2. I heard the finding regarding the FBI. Not mentioned, but included in attorney Pepper’s book (pps. 344-5), was a 2nd-hand affidavit of the ER nurse who witnessed Dr. King being suffocated and then spat upon by the presiding physicians.

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