Why You Should THANK Every Apathetic Person You Meet – MOC #210

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  1. Thanks again Lee. I pledge to chew my corn before I dump on the Apathetic! Get in the streets . Keep on…

  2. “When do we want it?…” LOL!!!!!!! You are an angel, Mr. Camp!! My face hurts! (I know, it’s killing you…) xo

  3. lmao….so is my wife….we write music, comedy and do shows etc and once we came to that conclusion a couple of years ago every singe thing in our lives got better…exponentially! Trying to get someone who doesn’t give a shit to actually give a shit is a soul sucking, fool’s errand. And a pharmaseutical dispensery’s dream!

    We’re still beating the war drums of our bullshit quagmire-base world, but only to those who want to hear it, and the rest, screw’em, they’re like unicorns. Remember unicorns? They were the ones that were too apathetic to bother getting on the ark. Good riddance to unicorns. They probably tasted like ass anyway.


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