Why Does The U.S. STILL Want War With North Korea? [VIDEO]

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  1. Lee:

    I’ve been in touch with you about this before. Your recent article about $21 trillion in unaccounted DOD spending has set the internet on fire. Rightfully so. The only problem is that the money is “unaccounted”, which doesn’t give much room for action from the public.

    On the other hand, the proposal I’ve written to you about repeatedly DEMANDS action from the public. I’m talking about the $5 trillion ripped off from U.S. citizens in the biggest con in history. This is money which was collected under false pretenses, misallocated and misused in ways the public would never approve of. Your $21 trillion expose and my $5 trillion indictment of the U.S. government for fraud, and the uprising which should result, work hand in glove.

    I’ve sent you my book. If you no longer have it, just look at this webpage … http://peacedividend.us … and we can go from there. No matter how you spin it, whether it’s bad accounting or blatant lying and fraud, we can’t let these warmongering lunatics get away with it. Please reply so we can work toward destroying the MIC/congressional cabal and restoring some sanity to our foreign policy.


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