“Where Did Dick Cheney’s New Heart REALLY Come From??” – M.O.C. #128

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  1. No edit feature. So should be “living the Neo-American dream”

    Just for clarification. The American dream was understood as having a job that paid a living wage, owning a home and possibly putting your kids through college. It was participating in a growing and prospering America where parents could hope and expect that their kids were going to have it a little better than themselves.

    The Neo-American dream is getting filthy rich, not necessarily off talent, or inginueity, but because of extreme selfishness, manipulation, exploitation of nature and people, cruelty and complete and utter disregared for the plight of future generations. Dick Cheney epitomizes these Neo-American, Neo-British imperialistic traits.

  2. Cheney is just living the Neo-American. His rise to success is courtesy of an incurious media. Let’s review. As secretary of Defense under GHW Bush, he direct awards multi-million dollar contracts to Halliburton, the oil services company who provide the drills that were slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraq oil fields. Check. Then after the first oil war, Cheney become CEO of Halliburton, a mere coincidence. Then he becomes VP, holds a secret energy task force in our Whitehouse, and meets with Oil reps, military reps, Enron, which had a power plant that needed gas from the Caspian, and then we have 9/11 and invade Afghanistan and the oil and gas pipelines are proceeding. Of course we know all this back story on Cheney aka Darth Vader because the Mainstream Media is asking the tough questions . . . .NOT!

    Conflict of interest anyone?

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