The Truth About Our National Heroes [New Moment of Clarity]

There’s something you might not realize about our national heroes. …Okay, there’s a lot you might not realize. I go through it in this episode of Moment of Clarity.
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  1. You’re already a hero, Lee. I know you took this on as your line of work but it’s not just your job. What you’re providing is an invaluable service. Thank you for everything you do to keep us informed, reveal corruption, and to help us find clean candidates so we can, “keep fighting,” and laugh our asses off while we do it!

  2. A lot of truth to this. and yet I don’t see how there will ever be a change to it. Even if you happened to be like awesome like that pilot who saved all those people and the media covers the shit out of it. The media’s ratings are up and the advertisers are throwing money at the media cause they want their crap to be seen by the millions of viewers that are tuning in to see that awesome thing you did. The media gonna share some of that? Hell no! Cause they got to look for more heros and shit. So doing something awesome basically makes you the the media’s bitch for a moment before they find someone else.

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