“What We Should Really Ask Ourselves About Bin Laden’s Death” – M.o.C #32

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  1. Lee, I’m afraid that in considering whether America will ‘move on’ in the wake of this late declaration of Osama bid Laden’s death, the forthcoming conclusion is a somber one. To put the matter more succintly, no. Why? Well, as you are undoubtedly aware in contrast to a significant portion of the American public, Osama bin Laden and Al Quaeda are hardly the true nemeses of the country, or the real reason it finds itself mired in military occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere. Rather, they were and are merely the pretexts du jour employed by the ruling elite, the proverbial rich and powerful to lull the broader populace into, if not agreement at least tacit cooperation with their martial designs. Before them a parade of such pretexts march across the stage of American thought control, or, more politely, public relations – Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Qaddafi, even the quaint figure of Noriega. And these are only few. The underlying issue is the apparent willingness of the American people to trust their governmental and corporate overlords…a credulity which amazes given the long history of outrageous and conceded dishonesty behind us. Yet, though a few will quibble at the margins of dissent, it seems most are happy with the game as it’s being played.

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