U.S. Steals Tons Of Food From Venezuela [VIDEO]

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  1. Hey Lee, as always, brilliant. Keep it up and occupy truth in the minds of malleable young…minds.

    Sarc Advisory 😉
    I wasn’t sure how to get this idea to you but it may have already occurred to you any way and really, this is all circumstantial logic, driven by socratic reasoning during a meditation/thought experiment but trust me on this, it is an obvious argument that the media is conspicuously avoiding, because it would negate the entire narrative and you know, the pedphiles who run the um planet might not appreciate fuckburgers like us sticking our noses into their fuckery.

    What you would do given that you are smart and you have found yourself doing what people now call Epstein level shit but with the most powerful leaders and oligarchs. Would you just hope the psychoperves don’t just wake up one day and say “this is a good time to bury you as they sip their coffee and read the Wall Street Journal? NO! …you make it clear that if any of you fellow perverts get any ideas you all go down. OF COURSE!!! Keep in mind that he was a really smart and secretive man, oh, that’s right he’s a pedophile psychopath and he understands other pedophile psychopaths intuitively so, give me one reason why he wasn’t the safest person in that jail… It wasn’t a suicide or assassins hit?

    We have all been played, It was an EXTRACTION OPERATION with a side of new bought identity… and throw away the absurdly low amount of wealth you were worth on the books because now you have your real fortune that you have fastidiously squirreled away like your oligarch porn, you know, evidence. So now let’s go back to when his incredibly expensive team of more than likely at this point a scared pedophile brain trust or possibly just a well paid consultants or both but he and they knew that situation would only be temporary and his stay at his prison penthouse suite gave him time to put contracts out with multiple entities, all having copies of evidence and his future jailbreak contracts etc.

    Of course, being that this is probably a standard operation you know cloak and dagger shit where you destroy the stooge’s body so no one will ever prove he is actually dead or alive and conspiracy nuts will never be vindicated and that gives him a warm fuzzy feeling inside. This sort of bad decision making seems to happen at the worst times, like when Bin Laden was BURIED AT SEA! Or when half of JFKs brain, you know, the part that would show what direction the he was actually shot from was buried at sea…or cremated like what is going to happen to the Ep as soon as they force the the go ahead on that and everyone gets their last payment…or something…

    I feel like no one is talking about this absurdly obvious possibility that will probably be a movie after you hopefully work it into a bit and it kills…and everyone is throwing money at you and the the Black SUVs show up with suits… Meanwhile the rich and powerful yet scared Oligarch Brain Trust Brotherhood probably has him sucking a one pina colada after another with little suzy on a lounge chair on a beach on his other island. Not right man…not right.

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