WEB EXCLUSIVE: C.I.A. Veteran Beaten By Police At Gina Haspel’s Confirmation Hearing

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  1. I wonder if those were regular police officers or someone else put there to do that. If they were just incompetent, brutal police officers, they really ought to be suspended, the case reviewed and then fired for police brutality. I want to know who they are and why they did it.

  2. Gina Haspel’s Confirmation as WAR CRIMINAL, based upon a lot of dead Japanese officials, and their final state-sponsored {ar}rest program — following their atrocities to our troops during WWII.

    Waterboarding is a WAR CRIME, except to the victors go the spoiled meat, and the ‘sweet’ smell of success (crudely and viciously, what the vile perps refer to when victims loose control of their bowels during torture). Enhanced interrogation my ass.


  3. Why would anyone treat Ray like that? Especially when the mob squad, I mean the Police have used less violence against people who literally just gunned down dozens of people. If you kill people apparently they treat you with some level of respect but peacefully protesting the rewarding of violation of human rights, war crimes and other horrible things our corporate overlords do and they are going to rag doll you, dislocate your arm, and possibly even put boots to you or pepper spray you.

    But again why would anyone do that to Ray? The man is every bit as threatening as a cocker spaniel. I’m not saying he’s not tough or anything but I mean really? Anyone that finds such a well mannered person peacefully speaking out to be threatening enough to do THAT… shouldn’t be in law enforcement. If prayer circles and people with signs are scary to you then when you come face to face with a real threat then you might as well just soil yourself and lay face down in the dirt cause thats most likely where you’ll end up. I mean ffs. This video just pisses me off on so many levels.

  4. This is extremely horrible!!! It is maddening to have to continue living through this outrageously abusive regiment created by that crazy man who is sitting in the president’s office!

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