Active Duty War Resistors Unite [FULL EPISODE]

  1. Oh, pogmed is just the tagteam near mirror image of “DemGOP” (Though reference to pog as in (90s bottle cap) game combined with med is not intended, kind of interesting, though referring to C.Hedges illusion book on description of dem gop tag teaming is interesting and honest perspective)

  2. After listening to this (full episode), I can not make positive addition to what is said.
    Thank you again….. Great discussions & footage

    {Btw, yes, since referring to a film in my previous comment, feel like is good to say that I dont tend to put celebs nor politicians on pedastels with angel halos on them. ie, the pogmed-DemGOP channel/media as everybody knows, gets many supposedly super/popular or smart celebs to do the DemGOP swim&dance……such as (having written in my previous post of not trite / too true portrayal of offensive military contracting [afforded by our no budget pentagon] by GoodWill’s would be brother Ben in Accountant), yet seeing just one or two articles / interviews by Matt (Damon) that supported the fear Trump/crown&install Hillary campaign made the fictional yet righteously right-on nsa interview etc etc by matt very worthless (people should be able to withdraw the awards and money from celeb’s stardom when they do such).
    Still, the movies Drone + the Accountant covers a little bit of the major concerns well.

  3. Before i listen; on comment posted concerning drafting recruits to war making & violence, i agree yet we as people of this country (and much of MonUsdaSanto, pepsico, blood mined & colonized/largely being heavily plundered world) are, generally, deeply accepting “economy” that relies on / is addicted to the “$$” relative-short-termed-flash-in-pan profits resulting from skewed (towards that) education & other nutrition(s) being degrading / oppressive so that lack of health (physical, mental, emotional, educational, spirit / vibe neuronal/gut & cns paths/tracks laid) and resulting lack of quality of lives lending toward lack of health & contentment……. with such oppression that distracts away from positive consumerism and leads us to ample enough recruiting pool / motive for allowing fake intell drone-roboticized-warring / plundering at a distance (N.Klein Shock Doct. + akaBlackwater,BushClintonHalliburtonObamaPelosiTrump “profit and control freakish” aspects / motives seen in The Accountant movie + everyday “ignoring is bliss” + synthetic chemical ag/’food’/manf/etc polluting toward “sterilized” / people-controlled “man made” culturizing).
    We the people of not sound or healthy democracy have a governance backed by legal/justice system and papers (as far as those go) that say the feelings that everyone knows, to reform self & nation when such is self evident, and catalyst towards this is much needed. In long run, this planet doesn’t need us (people). Somewhat drastic Genuine change of estab. ways & institutions such as elect & campaign process (uncommercialized is key besides everyone facing that federal elections process needs combo of basic multi-point auditable ballot security with united standards of truly democratic process). Quite a renovation towards modern apps and public funded (not invaded and built for and by paid lobbyists) central democratic platform on solid foundations, while much effort towards transparency in gov programs to not applied unevenly / negatively / oppressively (such as “war on drugs and ecology” besides “election processes”) constructed and applied.

    Yes, “The world needs more of you and Abby Martin.” (And, people working with / customers of regenerative organic agriculture as well as regenerative approaches in general).

    Thank you (for your efforts with L.Camp and friends).
    (Pardon my messy essay)

  4. Bring back the draft and you will find war much more difficult, having a volunteer force creates a system of justification where soldiers are there of their own accord, hence they are the decision makers in their situations. If they were to be drafted obviously they would be more critical about their situation in action, also this creates a class system that is set up to be almost exclusively a working mans army, where those lower on the US economic strata make a vastly disproportionate percentage of troops and the “senator’s son” does what ever he wants because he is financially free to do it, he can go to Harvard or Princeton or just fuck around in the Hamptons for a while and the poor kids trade their souls fo collage tuition and PTSD. Vietnam was a lesson for the rich and powerful make people think they have a choice, they are happy to go to war but force them into it and not only will you need a note from Dr. Bone Spurs but the people will pay attention to the body count and the High School recruiters. Bring back the draft and not only will people hate war again but we’ll probably have to limit ourselves to one war at a time.

  5. Love your shows! The world needs more of you and Abby Martin. Keep speaking truth. Thank you Lee with all my heart. With people like you in the world my granddaughters and grandson have a chance for a better life. My thank you is very sincere.

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