“Vulture Funds And The Greediest Men Alive” – M.O.C. #101

  1. Glad to hear you utilizing the good ol’ dick jokes.

    P.S.: Thank you for doing what you do.

    All my best . . .

  2. Oh Lee, God bless you for speaking out.
    as an African, i feel mad knowing how this ppl screw and and continue to screw us on daily basis.
    i am most dissapointed that americans are not waking up and seeing what’s happening in broad day light:
    radioactive chips in human body passed into law
    martial law bill passed
    illegal detention…
    lies about 9/11 and Osama … etc.

    i wanted to come to America for a masters but when most Americans will believe jet fuels can bring down a building built to withstand magnitude 5 earthquake, …. i kind of had a change of heart. plus…. the tuition was ridiculous.

    in Africa we have a saying, the fire that burns the tortoise – with all its natural amoury – will churn up a chiken in a flash.
    this means if the good ppl in America can be screwed like this without doing anything, then we are totally screwed.
    i really wish the occupy movement works.

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