U.S. Border Patrol Caught Literally Destroying Water Supplies For Those Dying Of Thirst

1/18/2018 by Lee Camp

U.S. Border Patrol agents are now literally destroying water jugs left in the desert to save people dying of thirst, many of them children. …Yes, you read that sentence correctly. It’s tough to imagine a culture that could be SO morally bankrupt – but we are now here.

Basically, humanitarian groups such as No More Deaths leave small water supplies for immigrants trying to get across the border. These water stashes can often become the difference between life and death. And leaving these supplies is not endorsing illegal immigration – it’s just trying to save the lives of so many who die of exposure while crossing the border. Whether you personally agree with the U.S. immigration policy or not, you should still have the solitary drop of human empathy it would require to NOT be okay with hundreds dying of thirst in the desert while trying to find a better life.

Yet a new report says that thousands of gallons of water are destroyed by U.S. Border Patrol agents each year. Many of the first-hand accounts and video of the water destruction were documented between 2012 and 2015, meaning this is not a new problem. It has certainly ramped up under the Trump Administration but it existed before.

Destroying these water stashes is the equivalent of knocking food out of a starving man’s hands and watching him die. Are we as a culture really SO morally blind that we think destroying water supplies is the “legal” or “right” thing to do? At the end of the day, this is not an immigration question. This is a question about our society. What do we stand for anymore?

To support the important work of No More Deaths, go here.

– Lee

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  1. I don’t and can’t think that every single person who crosses the border between the US & Mexico are drugs mules & dealers. Every case is different and should be judged on its own merits in regard to asylum seekers.
    To deny life or aid assistance to it is just as bad as taking it.
    Does America forget it’s Own Constitution.
    Do you All forget what the Statue of Liberty signifies and why so many millions of service men gave their life for that very concept. Your very own present Presidents family is a living testement to the foundations of this.

  2. This shows just what lowlifes Border Patrol Agents are. No Tears for Every Dead Border Patrol Agent. Time to give them what they give other Humans…..

  3. Well done, Robert. You failed the “human” test. Tell the 8 year-old that he should die of thirst in the desert because you believe he’s a criminal with dangerous drugs. …Well done indeed.

  4. The border patrol should be destroying water left by criminals to help criminals enter our country with illegal drugs like cocaine.

  5. I wonder how Donald Trump would like it if someone slapped the diet coke out of his hand or hands!!

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