Common Censored 13 – Hollywood & the War Machine, Wasted Culture, & more

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  1. I got a little behind… I mean I fell behind in listening… With the witch-hunt atmosphere in Hollywood, I should clarify that it was Brian Singer who likely did the former… I just got busy – with a run of decent surf.

    Now itz gone flat, and I have more time. I’m already listening to episode 14, as I write this.

    Great show as always. I’m glad you two are telling it like it is. As I understand the history of Hollywood bullshit – Pancho Villa’s war-filmography was at one point fed to unwitting audiences in NoozeReels… including staged-scenes.

    With the victory of Lopez-Obrador, we can only hope that the revolution is real… And less Hollywood approved, this time.

  2. I agree that having a holiday attached takes all the whimsy out of the entire petty crime of property destruction.

  3. I will second Lee’s comment to Anthony. You are amazing! Let’s all do what we can to support Lee and Eleanor in their fight for truth, justice and the (so called) American way!

    And by the way…..Yea Mexico! Let’s hope their new government can help make a better life for our southern neighbors!

  4. The government is supposed to lead us out of trouble
    Not We the People shall guide the government and corporations out of debt and free of accountability..

    If it doesn’t serve the purpose of meaning to last forever such as a movie or music CD then it should be banned from being made from plastic or non-biodegradable at least if there is such a thing we got to stop making Plastics.


  5. Yep, Pentagon ‘influence’ has had its thumb on the Reel for most always. And media have LONG colluded among themselves to comply with the wishes of the CorPirate Insurrection and the military/industrial cult, the major ‘broadcast networks’ agreeing to a list of ‘permissible’ topics and slants. Two hundred forty five of our two hundred fifty years of existence as a ‘Republic,’ have been AT WAR, and we, the PEOPLE yet subscribe to the delusion that ‘we’re the Good Guys,’ (and therefore, any who merely disagree with us are, by ‘our’ own CorPirate definition, the Bad Guys, nominating them for destruction and exploitation,…and quite likely, a whole $hitPile of Ca$h and Prize$ for us ‘good guys.’ America’s ‘debt’ in the World is considerably more than just in dollars and sense…

  6. I just cancelled my satellite radio subscription so I could use that money to support Eleanor on Patreon.

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