Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Sabotaged by Twitter

  1. It is SO CONVENIENT that she stopped taking money now for THIS ELECTION Because she is RICH ENOUGH now. Or even maybe she will just do what they all do and say whatever to get in office then do what government has been doing and choosing money over LOVE. BERNIE or BURN, or rather INCINERATE. PEOPLE ONE VOTE- BERNIE SO THEY CANNOT RIG IT! Please, I love my daughter. Sons and daughters DIED under the command of those that gave THIS LYING WOMAN CASH. IF she loved Bernie and The Plan, she would never RUN AGAINST HIM>

  2. PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED!!! They are to DISTRACT FROM BERNIE and it is WORKING. THE TRUTH IS AT : https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2019/01/lengthy-history-with-pacs-follows-tulsi-gabbard-into-2020/
    Where it states: “In 2016, the amount of PAC money she received grew to more than $465,000. Again, business PACS made up the majority of her PAC money, this time over 55 percent. One of the largest contributing sectors was the defense industry. While Gabbard has gained a following for her anti-interventionist stances, yet, her 2016 campaign was given $63,500 from the defense sector. In fact, the campaign received donations of $10,000 from the Boeing Corporation PAC and from Lockheed Martin’s PAC, two of the biggest names in the military-industrial complex. Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines PAC donated another $10,000 in 2016 as well.”

  3. fuck is she good looking. dam why is biden stupid talking about how all kids alre allright. get me away with this guy. we need a tulsi coil for fuck sake

  4. ps. If Tulsi is unfairly rigged / blocked out of the DNC debates and a fair chance for the American voters to hear from her. I hope she will not feel obligied to support any canidate they manipulate into the nomination. I hope she and her supporters should plan for shuch an eventuality, as history repeats itself, and just start running as an independant. And start a seperate Independant web debate forum that is not ‘sound-bite’ based, with the real isues that focuses on the topics Americans care about.

  5. Right on, as usual!

    I’ve been a Tulsi fan since she quit the corrupt DNC in 2016 and announced support for Bernie. She was told pointblank she would no longer receive funding and how ridiculous she was acting because Hillary was clearly the nominee.

    The interviews on the “liberal” networks continue to bring up the Assad meeting as if she were treasonous – and of course any posts made by her backers are clearly the work of Russian bots. Tucker Carlson, incredibly, has been the most fair in his interviews with her.

    If Tulsi is excluded from the debate because of biased polling (the question may be akin to “would you like a Hindu from Samoa who supports brutal dictators to be our next president?), hope you have her on your show during the 3rd debate.

    Watch it together and get her take on the questions asked and those avoided.

    Lee Camp with Tulsi Gabbard would be must see TV!

    Thanks for fighting the fight – your ability to pierce through the bullshit with humor and outrage is second to none!

  6. Tulsi voted for that BDS resolution with the explicit proviso that we have a right to boycott. That vote was endorsing a 2 state solution- the BDS engane appears to be Palestinian only in the end. At least a 1 state outcome was what she was voting against.. not our right to boycott.

  7. Yes, Lee Camp, and thank you so much, yet again, for your profuse, continued, courageous, lively and REWARDING output. You’re twice as smart as any Democrat or republican (sorry) and WAY funnier than you need to be; extra laughs won’t go to waste…

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