RFK Jr. Totally Lies About One Topic

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  1. No he’s not part of the establishment . He believes that the establishment killed his father and uncle. And it makes no sense that he would talk about so many areas of the establishment that next to nobody dears to talk about , which he could be assassinated for and then go with their narrative on one issue. Also ,if he establishment why is he challenging Biden and why is he being censored by the party and attacked by the press.? He isn’t making this up . These are things that he has been told and believes. .And about assassination money , there are a lot of things that are just under the table . So you can’t say 100% that some of the money isn’t used to pay for assassination based on what the establishment has put out . I disagree with a lot of what the Israel Government ,not people , are doing . But I don’t hear from the pro Palestinians side about Hama . Certainly they are not without fault . Even . The reason there is not a peaceful solution to that area is because, the powers to be make sure on neither side ever brings peace . Why do you think that both Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin were both assassinated after they sign a peace agreement .This is always the case .And why is RFK Jr. attack more than all the other candidates that check little or none of the other important boxes that progressives think need to be check ?.. R.F.K. Jr. has shown concern for the Palestinian in the pass . I truly believe that he will try to bring peace to the area . The bottom line is you have only two real choices in the Democratic primary . Biden or his replacement by the party ,or JFK who has fought the establishment his whole life and won most of the time . You should spend more time attacking Biden not RFK Jr.

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