“To Head CIA Obama Nominates The Ringmaster of The Festival of Torture: John Brennan” – MOC #199

  1. I love you Lee. You are the best thing since George Carlin. The other political comedians, such as Dennis Miller, Jon Stewart and Colbert, although they are good, they want to be actors and care about ratings. So, to me, you are the best, the most honest and most intelligent of them all. feel you really care and want us to be educated. In saying that, I too can be superficial, so was wondering, can I get/order/buy a tee-shirt with your picture plastered across my ample chest?? Sincerely, Moonwillowsindie

  2. I’d love to see a STRONG Green or Socialist run for office. ANYTHING but the current crop of corporate Democrats taking care of nobody but themselves and their uber rich friends and corporate masters.

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