This Week’s Auto Workers Strike Is Just The Beginning (Web Exclusive) [VIDEO]

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  1. Hello from Europe, great Work, Sir!

    my 2 cents to it:

    with people like you, there is at least hope, since von Hayek, Mies and others had find their way into economics, twisting the system to that insane situation that people serving the economy, instead that the economy serves the people.
    Economy in that case reads, rich people, economy is no natural law, as they try to tell us, it’s made by people every day and can be changed by people every day.
    I dont know if you have already looked into the “Mont Pelerine Society”, you might find that interesting, since the ‘chicago boys’ of Friedman etc. base their economic system (it should not be called that) of the ideas and work of that quite unknown but very important society.

    with kind regards,


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