Redacted #260 – Don’t Believe The Lies Again!

  1. Reply to Mark Downie: I’ve researched and studied every photograph and video available concerning the fall of the three towers. I have not seen any photo or video showing what you describe. If damage to one side of a tower could cause that tower to fall, it would fall in the direction of the damaged side. It would not fall straight down at free fall speed. If you studied the photos of the Pentagon, you should know that no plane hit the Pentagon. The hole was not large enough for the plane to enter the building and there was no airliner wreckage on the lawn. The Bush Administration didn’t let it happen. They made it happen.

  2. It’s hard to find, but if you look for it you’ll see it on line. There is the entire other side of Building 7 that was indeed totally on fire (no matter the report of some firefighter saying it was 2 floors and it could be put out). I was totally a Building 7 theory believer until I saw that. That side was very much ripped apart and the structure was damaged enough to cause it to collapse.

    I believe the US knew about the plot, and let it happen as the “New Pearl Harbor” PNAC wanted to get Americans behind more regime change wars for profit, and they capitalized on it. No anti conspiracy theory person can debunk that, it’s obvious given what happened. That explains why Bush was so casual with the report he got warning of such an attack. He knew it was in the works and we’d allow it.

    The only way the most powerful national defense in world history would let its epicenter (the Pentagon) take a direct hit by a low, long tracked, slow flying, easy target, like that plane was if it WANTED IT TO HAPPEN. They got out of the way (the NORAD drills) to make sure it did. If we state that obvious and easily proven fact it makes it easier to get others on board with it, who fall for the official narrative.

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