“This Week I Solve The Unemployment Problem” – M.O.C. #131

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  1. What, “Take the intellectual irony down a notch?”

    Then he wouldn’t be Lee Camp, he’d be just another banal unfunny pundit trying to be funn. Don’t listen to Leas, Lee, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m fairly certain we will be seeing you on Bill Maher or Jon Stewart before too long. No, Stewart won’t work, try Maher because HBO allows you to use colorful words. Oh, and don’t forget your friends!

  2. Careful Lee,

    Take the intellectual irony down a notch or your going to lose some viewers. Remember… good people are thinking about ravioli, so you have to catch them between thoughts. luv 2 u. Leas

  3. Hey Lee,

    Too funny and too true so I will deign to suggest another rant. Non Sequiturs

    Non sequitur 1) Capitalistic dogma says that competition among corporations is what gives us the best products at the best prices. Why then do corporations try to dominate market share and destroy, absorb, assimilate, take over their competition? Do we have a competitive oil industry or instance?

    Non sequitur 2) an informed public will make the best buying decisions. Free market enterprise dogma suggests that the government should not interfere with free market mechanisms. Why then do big agriculture and chemical (i.e., ConAgra, Monsanto, Dupont etc.,) lobby government so they DON’T have to disclose information about GMOs and chemicals in food labeling? This applies for the beef and dairy industries for growth hormones and steroids too. Corporate hypocrites. Does not follow.

    I’m sure you can make this shit funny and add more. Can’t wait to hear some more from you.

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