“The Only Way To Fix The World” – MOC#82

  1. That day I had seen – How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy – Chris Hedges. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QRQjF1IPgKQ
    Chris Hedges speaking at Occupy Wall Street: Radical movements keep this country honest!
    and here Podcast #83 – Pulitzer Prize winning author CHRIS HEDGES

  2. Its like seeing my thoughts materialize in front of me – One Of My Favourites ! The first time I saw it – the part about “no one is looking into that” was an absolute favourite. Replayed it after and the whole message was methodically and relentlessly winning me over !

  3. I pledge allegiance, to the soiled duvet of the united corporations of amerika, to the repulsive, for which it stands, one consumerist society, under elitist thumb, for mickey d’s and delivered pizza for all.

    *holds name brand designer hat in hand*

    Now, please stand for our national anthem (brought to you by malwart- purveyors of fine plastic crap)

    …keep ’em rolling Lee.

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