The Most Jaw-Dropping Underreported Stories of 2013 – MOC #283

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  1. Ha! The reason is because the video version has 5 stories, but one of them is visual. So it wouldn’t work in the audio version so I had to cut it out. If you watch the video of that episode, you will see the fifth story!!

  2. U forgot GM building 6 new car factories IN CHINA and not employing a single UAW or even an AMERICAN, non-unionized, worker to manufacture the 1.5 million cars that will roll off the GM assembly lines IN CHINA….after WE THE TAX-PAYERS bailed GM out! w/$90 billion dollars.

    I was gonna send a donation but that WP-SENTINEL warning/insult/threat is a big turn off.
    I ain’t ur enemy….try to inject some humor in this here blog and U tell me that?

  3. @ Mr.Lee, I leave comment and get a message dat says WARNING if your a hacker we will find you? WTF?I am no hacker and you do not have to try to find me. I not steal nothing from you, in fact I buy U a drink! But, whats up with da idiotic warnings?

  4. Lee, I liked this show a lot… but I got a little frustrated by the end! Not really with any of the actual content… you did a bang up job, as usual…. Let me explain:
    I went through the trouble to transcribe it and posted it (with link, of course) at … I hope you don’t mind… But, if you’ll take the time to read the #1 Unreported Story, I think you’ll see my frustration.

    You hung me out to dry, Lee! LOL!

    Anyway… I appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work, and long may you run!

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