The Seeds for This Crisis Were Planted Years Ago (Web Exclusive)

  1. Summary Excerpt from Trump’s brief AZ speech, first weekend May, 2020.

    We have diagnostic tests, finally.

    As we use them we learn COVID19 is much more wide spread,. The word Pandemic understates, what are possibly infinitely more cases, that we’ve learn of, than were previously imagined.

    In the past several weeks, while you were on Lock Down, the bottom has fallen from the economy, at an unprecedented rate. The great wealth of the most powerful can only be restored by:

    The New Trump Recovery Plan:

    The Quarantine Lockdown is over.
    We’re taking your chances; Slaves.

    1) Get your kids back in school, after school and overnights.

    2) Haul your asses down to the Labor Pool.

  2. Being beyond 4/4/20 by three weeks presents a more honest scenario. Having lived in two different nations, my view of the future, includes the super grand solar minimum and allows for advanced, untainted by current suppression, development of Tesla and others technologies, for the successful survival and evolution of current earthly species.

  3. Dr Valentina Zharcova Russian Solar Physicist; currently with Northumbria University: in England, breaks her silence, to report on the now beginning, “SUPER GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM”.

    Included in Dr. Zarchova’s silenced, scientific data, she shows all 4 Solar Magnetic Phases are out of synch. This has a much greater effect than that of two Solar Magnetic phases, that were out of synch, as was the case during the Maunder Minimum which caused a mini ice age effect, from 1645-1715.

    During the Maunder Minimum, Earth’s then close proximity to our Sun, tempered the cooling effect of the absence of sunspots.

    Dr. Zarchova reports, our Sun’s “Super Grand Solar Minimum” is now beginning and will last 400 years. (All of this is unreported by NASA.)

    A potent contributor to full North American and European Glaciation, is Earth’s current entry into
    the Ice Age Generating conditions of Super Grand Solar Minimum.

    Additionally, Ice Age generating conditions are predicted by the Milankovitch Cycles and relate to Earth’s current most distant position from the Sun, during Northern Hemisphere summer. Correspond-ingly, earth’s current elliptical orbit; will further reduce overall solar energy reaching Earth.

    Per, Dr. Valentina Zharkova, Earth is now entering a 400 year, “Super Grand Solar Minimum,” worsened by our planets position, in its elliptical orbit, which places Earth for a sustained duration, at its furthest from sun proximity. (See Live Science for images of the Milankovitch Cycles.)

    Lastly, further Earth cooling, is caused by exaggerated albedo effect, due to most of the the Northern Hemisphere being under glacial cover. Glaciers reflect much of the solar energy received by Earth, back into space, cooling temperatures further.

    Human beings must be made aware of this, since successful crop growing will only occur as was the case during the Paleolithic Ice Age when only Southern China did not have glacial cover.

    If feasibility exists for enclosure protected crops, there must be advanced technology for fabrication of enclosures of such strength to prohibit the crushing effects of moving glaciers.

    1. Nigel Calder, British, Journalist with CERN, book “The Weather Machine”, 1974

    2. Milutin Milankovitch, Serbian Astronomer,
    Climatologist, Mathematician, Geophysicist, Civil Engineer. Serbian: Book; “Through Distant Worlds and Times”. Book; “The Milankovitch Cycles” which explain ll@‘changes in the Earth’s long term Climate as caused by variations in Earth’s position relative to the Sun.

    3. Dr. Valentina Zharkova, Russian,Solar Physicist“ who shows: “Oscillations of the Baseline of Solar Magnetic Field and Solar Irradiance On A Millenial Time Scale. “
    “Dr. Valentina Zharcova, BSc/MSc: Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, PhD Astrophysics,
    Solar Physicist,2019-20

  4. I’ve been watching you for several years. I think you missing the most important point. USD is dying. BTC and Monero are now the real thing. Let people know.

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