“The Police Are On The Wrong Side At The Occupy Wall Street Protests” – MOC #79


  1. Great rant on the Wall St. Parasites. When people figure out why the media won’t cover these protests then we will have turned the corner. I can’t believe how many people on the left and right distrust the MSM yet will not believe anything unless it comes to them through the MSM.

    I hope these protesters take their civil actions to the HQ of Goldman Sachs and stop the suits from entering or leaving their ivory tower. Then JP Morgan, Chase, BOA and the most evil of them all, the Federal (private) Reserve. Follow the money from Wall St. to London City, the Vatican and Basel, Switzerland, home of the International Bank of Settlements, the Federal Reserve’s Global HQ.

  2. Now you know what a Black person feels like. Eventually you too will get worn down and just give up. You aren’t the ‘right’ kind of person. You hang out with the wrong people, say the wrong things. Divide and conquer!

  3. pssst- Hey you…. angry dude.

    *opens trench coat revealing a veritable pantheon of sidewalk chalk in every color*

    Wanna buy some chalk? I got what you need man. My supplier gets it straight from Crayola- shit is pure man. I’m hearing the periwinkle is hittin and stickin like Popeye’s chicken bro. Get it while it’s available man… I’m headin down to Wall St. and I can get top dollar for this shizz- it’s all the rage.

    Don’t tell the cops man- no snitchin and shit, right?

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