“The Greatest Challenje Faceng The United Stayts” – MOC #55

  1. Thank you Lee,

    I really appreciate you writing me.. Your a good man Lee Camp.. I do wish just being a Lee Camp follower would save me from the grammar Nazis.. They scare me.. ha ha.

    Check this article on simplifying the English language

    This gives me hope, I know its silly but the article does talk about other languages having gone thought this kind of change. Just thought it was a interesting article and somewhat relative to the conversation.

    I’m glad you put moment of clarity into a nice sweet little podcast.. I dig that.


  2. Hey Kris,
    I don’t think you should be too offended. The commentary is more on intellectual curiosity than it is about spelling. If you are intellectually curious enough to watch my videos and care about the issues, then you are curious enough to learn the difference between “too” and “to.” It sounds like you’re a smart person. I think it wouldn’t take you long at all to learn that stuff. My anger is very much toward people who get it wrong and don’t care.

    Thanks, Kris, for your thoughts.


  3. Wow… I had to say something about this one …I do love what you do Mr. Camp but “the greatest challenje faseng the united stayts” #55.
    This one hits really close too home for me. It felt more like a drop kick to my face really. I am one of them dumb ass’s that has a hard time with grammar and spelling. I understand how you can get really angry with people like me were everywhere and it is very disturbing.
    Guess how I came to be this, I was the quite, clean cut, shy, white kid that got over looked and floated thought the US education system with a half ass basic education.
    Cry for me America.. or not I don’t give a fuck… I guess I took this one a little too personal here Lee. I am a bit sensitive about this subject…


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